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Oh Darling (3:50)

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  • Such a good song........
  • Hello Tamy!
  • Love it too Alan! I agree one of the best of Supertramps songs especially with the headphones on. ♫♥♫
  • Put your headphones on for this one...some great sounds here ... : )
  • Are there any "bad" tracks on BIA ?? I don't think so.
  • Super!
  • Love it
  • I always think La Cucaracha at the beginning haha. Great song.
  • Oh Darling....Oh Honey~~
  • Great song! One of my favs for years!
  • another winner, from a monster of an album.
  • Great song. I miss these guys!
  • there's nothing better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a really nice track. I love everything about this song, especially the lyrics.
  • You are always on my mind........!!! My heart aches for you !!! I am not to bothered about the songs today I just want to tell you just how I am feeling about you !!! Also to compliment you !!! XXxxXX . Angie ~ K . ##~~## .
  • I won't run very fast then....!!!!!!
  • A lot of Supertramp airing today....... Oh Darling....SO VERY BEAUTIFUL.......!!!!xXXx. Angie.K. I'll never go......!!!!!! #~#~#.
  • some of the best from the 70's
  • super!......tramp!
  • Yet another superb song from a superb band.
  • Supertramp is great! And Breakfast In America is perfect -
  • great song, vocals, harmonies, only Supertramp can do it :)♦
  • I JUST LOVE IT! : ) meow!
  • I love this song. Amazing music - So honest and beautifully written!
  • my fav Supertramp album
  • WoOW, love it, zibast ,
  • putz!!
  • One word "Fantastic"......
  • lange nicht mehr gehört, erst hier wieder. Klasse !
  • remember the news of them breaking up while in high school. dont remember too much from back then. shows the impact they had on me
  • Bought this album for my husband for Christmas. It figured prominently in our courtship.
  • nothing beats breakfast in America
  • +++++++++
  • una banda genial, unica por su estilo, vocalista y sonido, gran clásico
  • Grupo casi único en su género y por lo mismo muy chingón.
  • I like it :-)))))))
  • cool
  • Süper
  • [j'adore supertramp c'est gènial] x 2
  • Supertramp are totaly unique, they sound like no other rock or pop band. and I love their use of Sax & Piano very much.
  • j'adore supertramp c'est gènial
  • Nice track from a great band!!!
  • un buen sonido¡ ¡ ¡
  • Great tune!
  • super musique
  • Extra sound, yes there was.
  • ehhh cudowność
  • where is the vinyl of my brother?
  • I like the album Breakfast in America for over 30 years ! One of the best almbums ever !!!


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