• Estrenemos...

    Mar 2 2009, 1:10 di knockergrowl

    ...con un meme. ¿Por qué no? Con uno que reza así:
    Take your top 10 artist, and list:
    a) their first song you ever heard from them
    b) the song that made you love that artist
    c) your current favourite song
    d) your all-time favourite song


    Coge un poco de rock instrumental, haz que las guitarras suenen más o menos abrasivas, añádele un toque de electrónica (si la abrasión aumenta, mejor), y dale un par de pinceladas aquí y allá con piano o violines. Ahí está, ya tienes sesenta y cinco días de estática (vamos, el apagón analógico de dentro de poco).
    a) The Big Afraid
    b) Retreat! Retreat!
    c) Little Victories
    d) I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood

    ¿Volvemos a la fórmula culinaria? De nuevo, coge otro poco de rock instrumental, añádele mucho eco, que parezca espacioso, y métele algo de coros, que parezcan sintéticos, pero que tomen aire para no ahogarse. Y verás que dios es un astronauta.
    God Is An Astronaut
    a) The End of the Beginning
  • New stuff this month

    Giu 18 2008, 17:53 di beaubier

    So while I wasn't looking, a bunch of decent bands released new albums. What the hell!

    I got the new Augustana (Can't Love, Can't Hurt) last month and it turned out to be pretty good. A three star album with a four star or two, and just a few that got two. I was surprised, as sophomore albums... you know, tend to suck, and that's not so bad. But hey, whiney west coast Americans who kinda do it right, for once! That so rarely happens for me! And just think, if I hadn't gone to see the Stereophonics with Keli in Columbus, I'd have no idea who the fuck they are. I like Dust and I think the last single, Sweet and Low is a good tune. Catchy and pretty at once, that's kinda original these days. But that's pretty representative of the album as a whole.

    The new Coldplay is... I think I really like it, and I didn't expect to. It has the most four stars of anything new this month, so far, but nothing with five yet. I do think there is potential, however, once I get to know it better. …