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  • This was such a good band. If I only I had a chance to see them perform :(
  • Такая травка мне по нраву.
  • Review for the bullshit album "I should coco"
  • Один из самых удачных бритпоповых коллективов. После blur, разумеется.
  • Life On Other Planets is soooo good
  • This band is pure Britpop
  • Massively underrated band. The best of the Britpop era, in my opinion.
  • As much as I love all their work, Road to Rouen is a masterpiece. So melancholic, sad, slow and beautiful, quite different from the work they done before. A shame that it was so short, and a shame it didn't hit the spotlights the way it deserved.
  • Their S/T album and Road to Rouen are way too beautiful. Got a bit late to the party though, but I'm glad I finally gave them a listen.
  • Richard lll
  • Why so much difference between Alright and all the other songs? They're all amazing!
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Supergrass
  • Supergrass=Blur>>>>>>>Oasis
  • 10 albumes que nunca fueron lanzados ->
  • Grace <3
  • OH man how have I gone this long without giving Road To Rouen a listen!?
  • they're incredible. can't understand only why they're so underrated
  • their show at the el rey in 2003 will forever be my favorite
  • Solid.
  • Road To Rouen - лучший
  • I saw them in 2002 when i was oblivious to their awesomeness... damn.
  • I wish they'd release their final album ("Release the Drones"). Word is it's finished but since they split before releasing, it's just been sitting in the vaults.
  • Road To Rouen!
  • Seen The Light♥
  • selftitled > all
  • Why did they split up?
  • Supergrass featured in the Live and Loud Rock top ten alternative graduation songs list
  • Road To Rouen: mon album favori de ce super groupe! Que des tubes!
  • St. Petersburg <3
  • Grace o/
  • Alright <3
  • Listen to the new Gaz' record in its enitirety right now on
  • Graham Coxon tells us the story of how he first started out writing music for his solo project away from Blur.
  • underated band..gaz' voice it's ecletic, reminds Lennon sometimes..
  • luckystoned says: smoke supergrass ;-)
  • luckystoned says: smoke supergrass ;-)
  • Best band ever, all their songs are brilliant!
  • só ouvem alright, tem uma pá de música melhor..
  • I think Gaz hinted at it very briefly some time ago. Mind you, there was talk of a solo album a couple of years ago and I don't think that has come to fruition.
  • Damn, I can't believe that only just now I found out they've broken up. I hope they get back together some day, I have to see them live!
  • badblood yeah!
  • badblood aaaah yeeaaaaah!!!
  • Moving ♥
  • st. petersburg is <4.
  • You ain't! You're the second :P
  • i feel like i'm the only one who seriously loves this band [2]
  • Could you vote this up please? I think it would look great as main picture.
  • surprisingly may fav song In It For The Money out of top15 :]
  • I forgot how much I loved this band back in high school...and I've only rediscovered them in the past couple of days. What a waste of 4 Supergrass-less years. And even still, I'm just now realizing how amazing and consistently brilliant "In It for the Money" is...I'm not sure how I managed to overlook most of its tracks back then.


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