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  • best group name ever! [2]
  • new album when?
  • best group name ever!
  • :)
  • You play it in the car, the crib, even with your lame pleb friends or for cute tumblr babes. It's perfect.
  • The most universally crowd pleasing party music.
  • bro my god.
  • Can't believe it took me this long to download the newest album. Its amazing...
  • n.i.c.e.
  • Best
  • Awesome! Respect for embracing free releases.
  • Good shit guys! Keep it up!! (2)
  • Holy crap I'm late to the party. Good shit guys! Keep it up!!
  • Avicii - "Levels" vs Ke$ha "We R Who We R" is such a good just works so well.
  • mile(y) high club all day everyday 24/7
  • New albums tight.
  • new album is great
  • finally a new album
  • Top Fun is legit! Ke$ha + Levels mash up
  • @brianPLAGUES: Thanks, man!
  • is you srs? mile(y) high club balls so hard.
  • new album is an orgasm to my ears.
  • New mixtape is amazing. Missed these guys.
  • Download new free mixtape - / http://www_mediafire_com/?qcp950zac7868cu
  • new music!
  • new song just dropped!
  • Help me get famous:
  • tired of mainstream mashup? check out this new artist! MR MegalomANiac is a new mashup artist out of the home of "Girl Talk" Pittsburgh, PA. He takes the genre under the mainstream as he mashes mostly electronic/ experimental samples. Give it a listen and see what you think
  • sls
    The thing I've come to dislike about the mash-up genre is that I keep hearing the same samples over and over. I understand there's a limited palette of broadly-recognized samples that work for mashups, but how many times to I have to hear In Da Club and Hollaback Girl? Some of this shit's been going around for 8 years since the beginnings of the genre (Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots). Nothing against Mash Bros., by the way. They're quite skilled mash artists.
  • new girl talk album is good and all, but i need some new super mash bros! [2]
  • These guys own Girl talk.
  • needs more new album and less repeats [2]
  • needs more new album and less repeats
  • That's a cool band name :3
  • new girl talk album is good and all, but i need some new super mash bros!
  • Fuck Bitches is just beyond spectacular
  • Love this! is there just the two albums?
  • wayyy better than girl talk!
  • Best mashup artists. Period.
  • Really sad I missed you in Baltimore, come back soon!
  • I always read about these guys but never took the time to listen to em. Sad cause it's gooood as hell.
  • It's a pity they don't have more yet. I'm now stuck listening to Girl Talk- which is only half as good.
  • ~69 listens per listener. Dedicated fans? I'd say so.
  • these guys are about 1000 times better than Girl Talk [4]
  • When I don't know what to listen to, I always go to these guys and listen for hours. This happens often. I think I'm addicted. [2]


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