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  • Avatar di iskullfuck
    fucking terrible
  • Avatar di trainsniffer
    wow...this is awful.
  • Avatar di SwitchTheMunky
    God, had to endure these guys so many times as a support act cause me and my mates were in that oh so cute early stages of gig going where we would turn up 2 hours early for every gig so we could be at the barrier. They supported Fear Factory for christ sake. Scary thing is, after 12 years of going to gigs I wouldn't even put them in my top 10 worst :s
  • Avatar di thekillingspree
    What goes around (never comes around).
  • Avatar di Sulisk
    I like milk fed
  • Avatar di guntrip
    @thegreatbigmout I only ever went to Freak once but I remember seeing people throwing things at the singer because she stole someone's boyfriend or something inane. Pretty funny.
  • Avatar di iamnotapie
    Brutal Vokillz
  • Avatar di thegreatbigmout
    ah i remeber hanging a bit with them in the old freak nights lol i still got my copy of neverborn and becoming some where else lol
  • Avatar di ewengcameron
    Sugarcoma were featured in the 10 Most Cringeworthy Nu-Metal Videos Ever -
  • Avatar di tjl2com
    ... No, I tell a lie. It wasn't these, it was Defenestration.

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