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Sufjan Stevens (Detroit, Michigan, 1 luglio 1975) è un cantante e musicista statunitense. Caratterizzata da uno stile minimalista e folk, con temi riguardanti la famiglia, la fede o le piccole storie di tutti i giorni, la musica di Stevens utilizza, tra gli altri, strumenti tradizionali come il banjo o arrangiamenti orchestrali che mischiano jazz, musical, swing e cori tradizionali.

Nato e cresciuto nel Michigan, Stevens inizia la…

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  • carrie&lowell has changed my life, seriously
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Beautiful show last night in Amsterdam. <3
  • Je vends un billet pour le concert de Lyon dimanche soir. MP pour plus d'infos !
  • I have 2 tickets to sell for the show in Luxembourg this Saturday (26 September). PM me if interested!
  • Wow, such a wonderful concert yesterday in Milan. Wonderful how he completely changed most C&L songs and yet they sound just as deep as on the album. "John my Beloved" was just fantastic. Oh, and I loved that really "early-'70s-German-kosmische-Musik-with-modern-sounds-styled outro to "Blue bucket of Gold". I agree with all those below, it would be fantastic to have a live album from this tour. (and maybe I dream too much... but a collaboration album between Sufjan and Basia would be more than amazing!)
  • I agree with LostScore, saw the man yesterday in Geneva, the way he ended 4th of July was out of this world. I still love the album (probably my AotY), but I'm glad he decided to play the songs this way.
  • LostScore is right, he + band were great in Berlin..
  • I hope he releases live album from Carrie & Lowell's tour; shout for last night's great gig in Berlin, the best experience I've ever had.
  • Such an incredible concert in Copenhagen :D

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