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Sufjan Stevens (Detroit, Michigan, 1 luglio 1975) è un cantante e musicista statunitense. Caratterizzata da uno stile minimalista e folk, con temi riguardanti la famiglia, la fede o le piccole storie di tutti i giorni, la musica di Stevens utilizza, tra gli altri, strumenti tradizionali come il banjo o arrangiamenti orchestrali che mischiano jazz, musical, swing e cori tradizionali.

Nato e cresciuto nel Michigan, Stevens inizia la…

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  • Idk what it is about his music but it makes me feeel so many things eek
  • PTL it's almost socially acceptable to listen to sufjan christmas again
  • I'm so thankful for his existence [10]
  • I'm so thankful for his existence [9]
  • I'm so thankful for his existence [8]
  • My dad was bipolar and schizophrenic. He overdosed on his meds and died when I was 14. Carrie & Lowell provided the closure I never had from this death. I never got to say goodbye, but Sufjan's writing stitched up the wound in my heart that hadn't healed in 10 years. Thank you, Mr. Stevens.
  • is there any chance i can find bootlegs from those recent shows? because praises are that big i have existential necessity to hear them -- pls help! #sos #bootlegs #sufjan
  • I agree with @NormaJersey. Saw him last night in Birmingham and he blew me away. One of the best, if not the best, live performances I've seen. And his new interpretations of songs on Carrie & Lowell are so moving and beautiful.
  • I need him to come to Mexico!!

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