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It's different now I think
I wasn't older yet, I wasn't wise, I guess
Somewhere I lost whatever else I had
I wasn't over you, I see it run inside itself

Testo di Sufjan Stevens - Now That I'm Older


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  • the guitar strums at the end are very Sung Tongs-esque
  • Majestic, dream like.
  • I sure hope that wasn't directed towards me, croissant. I wrote that mess during a really aimless period of my life and I really poured my heart into that because I had nowhere else to do something like this and the music struck me. It still does. Luckily I don't feel the same way anymore and I'm feeling less and less like Holden Caulfield each day. Self-expression is good. Cheers.
  • wow it sure is pretentious in this shoutbox
  • this is everything that is right with music
  • Cheezdude, you hit the nail on the head man. That's my situation almost word for word.
  • Gorgeous track. It hit me hard when I realized how much I related to this. I hear that everyone's first love is always a much more innocent and pure affair and nothing ever really matches the exhilarating high of that first puppy love before you grow up and start to take things more with a grain of salt. I wish I could love another person like I loved Cara a few years ago. She moved away and I'm so scared that if I ever meet her again we'll just be different people and that innocuous love will be lost. I will never experience that kind of happiness again. I used to wake up every morning and become exciting to go to school just so that I would be able to talk to her and see her beautiful face. I still adore her more than anything else.
  • cant tell how touching it is for me
  • I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite songs ever. Have only heard it a couple of times, but it's spine tingling.
  • Experiencing this live put a spell on me [2]

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