• I conduct with my left hand.

    Mar 13 2007, 2:18 di aikakone

    I am a right handed person, but when I was getting my music education degree, I found I could do a better beat patter with my left hand. It made better sense to me, but perhaps it is a physical way to tap into the more creative right brain.

    Anyway, here I am and I've been using this site for a year. As I sit listening to music, I have the first two Sting albums on: The Dream Of The Blue Turtles and ...Nothing Like The Sun. Fortress Around Your Heart is probably one of the bst songs ever written, and it increased my vocabulary with words like chasm.

    The song that I keep repeating, though, the reason I mentioned the left-handed conducting is Russians. I sit here at my desk when not typing this entry loving how it lilts as if it is lovely 3 but it's actually in 4. I just love the original music by Prokofiev that powers the whole thing. It makes me sigh with the beauty of it all.
  • Fields of Gold

    Set 11 2006, 17:33 di Dreameress

    Fields of Gold

    Borrowed this 'best of Sting' album from a friend of mine, started to listen to it when I was studying while babysitting.
    Most of the songs are really great music to play when studying, but a few, like Russians and Fortress Around Your Heart you'd better not play when you're busy. I couldn't keep my attention at my books.. No problem to me, because especially Russians is a very beautiful song! I gave up studying for a while so I could listen better. I love both the music and the lyric. It's about the Cold War, and it really left an impression on me.
    All This Time remembered me of Simon and Garfunkel. But they would have done better, I think.
    I like many of the songs, though the lyrics are way better then the songs (in my opinion). Sometimes the cd is just boring... and there's one song I wouldn't recommend at all, that's This Cowboy Song. Still, the lyrics are really good!
    I tried listening while traveling, working and relaxing. Conclusion:

    Traveling ***
    Working **