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  • Avatar di fajalobie62
    nice song <333
  • Avatar di paqnox
    sooo great[url=].[/url]i want more songs[url=].[/url]
  • Avatar di robveiga
    My favorite Stevie Wonder's song
  • Avatar di musiktanzmaus
    hmmmm!!!!! :)
  • Avatar di Liloucat
    Love this song *_*...
  • Avatar di pitrafilla
  • Avatar di Tom_Pullings
    don't you just hate when swaps a classic song for background music to a "Bonanza" episode. XD - I got Classic Stevie today ;-)
  • Avatar di B-AIRLINE
    NO STEVIES VOICE ??????????? WHAT'S GOIN' ON HERE ????????????????
  • Avatar di B-AIRLINE
    STRANGE VERSION :-(((((((((
  • Avatar di ShielaAbrams
    Keyboard is great but silly use of strings
  • Avatar di musicramsey
    Love this patty
  • Avatar di Sooperglitcher
    I wrote this.
  • Avatar di lihei
    So talented.
  • Avatar di EmmettNorthJr
    Classic Stevie track!
  • Avatar di ibroxstadium
    Just fantastic!
  • Avatar di smifffy123
    Theeeeeeeeee Man............
  • Avatar di hexe63
  • Avatar di pogopatterson
    Mis-tagged methinks.
  • Avatar di Vinyltrap
    Talented guy-but this track is too lounge music lol
  • Avatar di Oregon_Myst
    Sounds like the background music to a "Bonanza" episode. Orchestral intrumental; no thanks! [2] true!
  • Avatar di abunono
    mi ricorda dei bei tempi andati, quando abbiamo fatto l'amore ogni giorno in spiaggia
  • Avatar di Toyah-Fan81
  • Avatar di ladycaroledowns
  • Avatar di Docfc
    Sounds like the background music to a "Bonanza" episode. Orchestral intrumental; no thanks!
  • Avatar di oneshotnyc
    a bossa nova version would be crazy!!
  • Avatar di MzJazzyBaby
    One of the greatest singer/songwriters ever!!!
  • Avatar di Ariues
    he's hit n miss for me
  • Avatar di DavidSmith98
    album version blows..the best part of the song is the horns!!
  • Avatar di yso_serious
  • Avatar di NitaD1
    Instrumental again!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Avatar di lattmere
    you are.
  • Avatar di ibriseno21
    great song
  • Avatar di southstarmusic
    i feel like in a lift in maceys :) ♫♪♫
  • Avatar di manusev
    cuando estoy contento simpre la canto
  • Avatar di sirthorty
    fixed back to his vocal track: thx lastfm
  • Avatar di T_U_D_S
    Don't like this version :(
  • Avatar di NitaD1
    Where's Stevie! just hearing an instrumental!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
  • Avatar di TantoTempo
    James Last?
  • Avatar di NerdyBoris
    Rubbish. Second musaq version of an SW classic has bellowed out today. **head in hands**
  • Avatar di PandoraCaitiff
    For some reason I'm hearing an orchestral instrumental version... Hmmm
  • Avatar di newjillswing
    This song makes me happy <3
  • Avatar di rbynum12
  • Avatar di BackNDaDay90
    You are the apple of my eye.
  • Avatar di newjillswing
    Awesome <3
  • Avatar di websrfr
    timeless classic
  • Avatar di drambuekid
  • Avatar di cinnamondearie
    yes yes & yes
  • Avatar di nikon87
  • Avatar di pogopatterson
    131 shouts. No wonder (no pun intended) the human race is facing extinction.
  • Avatar di pogopatterson
    Almost churlish to say I love this.


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