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  • Monster.
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SeRVed up SRV style!
  • ... einfach guter Blues !!!
  • GoodGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Wowwowowowowwwwwww .......
  • I just love the blues.
  • My favorite SRV ever, hands down..
  • Love SRV's tone, power, elegance, fluidity, and artistry!!
  • This is why the Stratocaster was invented.
  • Damm...those strings...(L)
  • Magic fingers, greatest ever, saw him once in Texas, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Another example of how to feel the blues not just play it. This man had it all. total package !!!!!
  • was für eine power-suuuuper
  • He can really send a thrill down my spine, every single time. Amazing!
  • still amazing 20 years after first hearing it
  • Yeah.... give me thec crazy blues...
  • Class
  • Totally agree, mike1048!!
  • SHHH! ♥
  • Absolutely Incredible!
  • SRV! that's all that needs to be said!
  • i never believed in reincarnation until i heard and seen stevie.; nice to see you again jimmy, i don't know what to say is this for reeeel
  • Mannnnnnnnnn my face got melted listening to this. Really amazing stuff, and I've only heard this for the zillionth time.
  • it!......
  • Mmmmmmhmmmmm. The best.
  • oh yeah!
  • hes 56 next month ;;;;;;;;;;;;gblessed me I saw him one time home town club foot 6th street & still in my live hu
  • This WAS a blessed man
  • True Magic...This is one blessed man
  • Stevie Ray the one and only. We will never hear anyone like him , just close.
  • Wish I was privliged An around 2 see him!... Just saw Joe Bonamassa for the 5th yr... AS close as Ill get!
  • Just great.
  • Great Blues
  • Great Great Music
  • I was SO partial to The Sky Is Crying CD recording of this. But THIS is such an awesome performance and recording. What an influential man. Just ordered this CD.
  • Doesn't get any better than this.
  • there's one thing about love when it come in music, it does't "die" it's just reborn again and again and again, you know what I mean.....
  • its as if jimi came back to life!!! the man was bril;liant.!!!
  • Smokin' Smokin' Blues. Stevie was the absolute best! What we would have heard if this amazing musician hadn't left us so early.
  • If this isnt the blues then nothing is, makes u want to forget about life and what it has to offer/or not, a legend of his own, keep listening and rock on.
  • The sky is BAWLIN' it's Fool HEAD OFF!
  • And this is a classic and you got to admit all of his music is excellent.
  • @WCTV1 This is my other favorite...
  • beautiful
  • ooohhhh yyyyeeeaaahhhhh.
  • I was lucky enough to see Stevie Ray before he passed. He jammed on stage with Jeff Beck if you can believe that. It was amazing. It rocked so hard it came up thru the floor. I will never forget that experience.
  • man hold'em up this white dude sure can play the blues,and the best part is he's fromTEXAS!! right on.


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