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  • You have failed me yet again, Starscream
  • Well, this is pretty amazing.
  • "So we basically need to get all Starscream plays retroactively edited to Infinity Shred now." Actually, [url=]this is what the band had to say[/url] about retagging everything. Makes sense given the fact that Nathan Ritholz wasn't a full-time member of the band back when it was Starscream, anyways.
  • Now it's Infinity Shred
  • So we basically need to get all Starscream plays retroactively edited to Infinity Shred now.
  • infinity shred
  • that's the only way I can communicate how awesome this is
  • liahsdiukfahsdflkashdflaksdhfALSKJDFSADF
  • Galeforce is fucking awesome!
  • Some tracks are great. Most are bland though. Shame.
  • swag
  • Not sure why, but Future, Towards the Edge of Forever isn't listed in their albums.
  • Love your work guys
  • Gravity in terms of space-time is quite an awesome track.
  • Gran banda ahora es una de mis favoritas! :D
  • 77 shouts for this band? Wow, I thought they would be a lot more popular.
  • What is this? 8-bit Post-Rock? Saw them this weekend opening for Anamanaguchi. They completley... blew me away. Amazing stuff.
  • This Band Is Amazing, There Composers Are So Complicated That It Reminds Me Of An Orchestra!!!!
  • <3
  • They had a show in my town but cancelled! My town NEVER gets good shows! As soon as these guys are within 100 miles of me I am going to see them & nothing will stop me.
  • I like it :)
  • Mira, Ultraviolet and Galeforce are just beautiful songs.
  • 'Future, Towards the Edge of Forever' is pretty fucking rad.
  • Man don't they love that StereoDelay. I mean, it's cool, but it's just a bit much.
  • New album is sweet. Can't wait for the split.
  •!/Life%27s+Too+Short+To+Be+Sad+EP - Check this amazing 8-bit rock!
  • space is cool so far
  • Interesting.
  • хороши)
  • amazing band!
  • Toward the Edge Forever - amazing music, kind of ugly album cover
  • woah, this is fucking awesome.
  • i need to find my old gameboy!
  • new single "Space" is out.. pay what you want
  • They are seriously one of my new favorite bands.
  • just bought Future, And It Doesn't Work... GENIUS!
  • finally got to see you guys, you played a nice show tonight :) through glitchy cartridge and broken snare drum, you guys were awesome! if only the crowd was larger and more crazy... I would've definitely went in
  • Badass new songs on skins last night.
  • Nice guys!
  • Pegasus. So sick.
  • the pakistani tea house got a C rating from the health board. i haven't decided if i care.
  • pegasus is pretty mondo coolio
  • Oh, okay! Well, at least they have a valid reason! haha thanks.
  • @mackincheese They said on tumblr the other day they're not really into their pre-future work anymore 'cause it was before they really came together as a band properly and had a clear idea of how they wanted to do their thing.
  • So stoked for the full length.
  • Welcome
  • so....are they just pretending their albums pre-future don't exist anymore?
  • True chiptune rock.


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