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  • Well, yeah, dear rawk72 and all of the SGC. Simply I can't get out your music from my head :). That's nothing new. That's like with a bands I really like (and I really like YOUR band :)). Australian metal music rules :). Well, it's my dream to visit Australia which is abnormally symphatic for me (no USA or anything else). And Australia == Spider Goat Canyon for me :). Btw, do you have a lot of spiders (like a black widow) there? :) Or itts a rumors? :) Because i dont like spiders... but i dont kill them cause they are useful for the whole organism on the earth. Anayway, thanks for your music, you are really doing well, so I'm waiting for another one album. Youur music is still asolutely experimental and itt's great. Therefore I don't know how your songs will sound :). But they sound great. Thx for your effort and all the best to the future, mates!!!
  • Yeah dudes (and especially) rawk72 :). I've been listening to the "Screaming Sister" for the last month and there is a lot of progression. I don't know... it's still a little bit stoner, but now I hear a lot of progressive and experimental metal in your music. It's definitely moving somewhere... who knows where? :D I still like your music in the same way as I hear it at the first moment. Now it's my dream to hear and watch you at some concert here... in Europe :). Maybe I'll travel to Australia to watch you :D. That's a nice dream, really. Hmm, dudes, what about some "bootleg" video record of your concert? What about that idea? Maybe it's not so unreal. All you need is a HD video cam and the sound from the soundmix. Try to absorb that idea :). All the best!!!
  • I've purchased your two albums "Jazzila" and "Excursion Through Chaos". I have to say that both of them (yeah, I'm starting to repeat ;)) are perfect! :). Especially, I love the "Choking Th' Masses" song, or... "MImic Monkey Death", "Bag Of Soup", "Vertigo" and so on... :). Keep creating such a good music, mates!
  • Another day... another month... and your music still tremble my soul. Greeetzzz! :)
  • Heya! :) I'm listening to the "Cacophonic" album right now (again, ;)) on a headspeakers and it is blowin' my mind! Oh YEAH!!! Cheers to all the dudes from the SGC! :)
  • \m/ rock on
  • Hey Ondrew, cheers for your comment, sounds like it might have more to do with the very impressive sounding 'herb' you have in Slovakia!!! Rock on yo!
  • Yeah, thx for your music, guys from the SGC... It's a really groovy stoner metal... It sounds absolutely amazing while someone is a little bit "stoned" while he is listening ;). Btw, I've a small funny memory of a situation, when I was... eeeer... well, you know ;), and I've been listening to the "Cacophonic" album. Meanwhile I needed to check something in the Google, but that music totally mixed up my mind, huhehe... so... I just typed a word "google" to the Google search engine, like a dumb. After that I didn't realised why there are so many links related to the Google. Well, I clicked on the first link and WHOOAAA... There was Google, again! Your music simply "cycled me"... but in the absolutely positive way :). Keep creating such a grooooovy noises... all the best! :)
  • If your in Melbourne Australia, we're launching our 6th album titled Excursions Through Chaos at the Old Bar in Fitzroy on Friday 15th August. Also on the bill are Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Dive Into Ruin.
  • Just uploaded a track from each of our releases. All available online via our sites links page at

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