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South are a British rock band. The band consists of Joel Cadbury, Brett Shaw, and Jamie McDonald. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist and they share duties on guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards. Cadbury is responsible for the lead vocals.
South was formed in London in 1998 and was originally conceived as an electronic act. The band was mentored by ex-Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown. South later worked under the tutelage of UNKLE's James Lavelle, who signed the band to his personal record label.
After a promo album, Overused released in the U.S., South released their first official studio album entitled From Here On In. The song "Paint the Silence" was featured on The OC and The O.C. Mix 1. Next came their second album With the Tides in 2003 which included "Colours in Waves" and "Loosen Your Hold", before the band had a couple of years break.
"A Place in Displacement", the first single from their third album, was released early in 2006, followed by the album Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars, which came out on 3 April 2006. A UK release followed on 9 October that year.
Their fourth album, You Are Here was released in April 2008.
On Jamie Macdonald's myspace page, it was announced that the band is taking a hiatus and there are no future plans to get back together and record or play live again.

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