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  • This song is hard to stop listening too
  • masterpiece
  • Whoa, this is good.
  • The intro to this song is really cool. They really go balls out with the style, and it totally pays off.
  • this is so good!!
  • Fk. Love Soulwax. *bows down*
  • wow. wow. wow. fucking wow.
  • Listening to Gorillaz radio, was not expecting something this AWESOME to pop up. HEY!
  • Wait... around 2:30ish... is that some Galactica that I hear mixed in there?
  • This is beyond awesome.
  • sic track
  • mmmm i like it :)
  • ultimo
  • wow
  • Just beyond fabulous... :D
  • 3owtrdfgvkwOGMSIEKRFJERKDSLKEIJ !!!!!!! :D
  • Quite good.
  • ( : I like..S.Y.I ! my self. but that is good .
  • Love it!
  • Good song!
  • yes! yes!! yes!!!
  • jesus christ. The first few moments of this song I was like "this is pretty good" ..... then "yea this really cool"...... then "HOLY SHIT this song is awesome"
  • 2:30 !!!!!!!
  • COMPUTE!!!!! =)
  • it isn't rock
  • Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo.
  • the best fuckin remixes ever
  • like it
  • very nice indeed
  • rewelacja :):):) i want to move
  • great stuff...
  • EneRgY eNerGy EnERgY
  • dont think its there best. do like these guys tho
  • not from any minute now
  • classic bass riff something sitary and 80's rock vocal
  • great:)
  • i like it ..though its not from the original any minute now!!!!!???!!!!
  • Great Track =D
  • WANTED. benicassim 09!
  • Looking forward to see them next week....
  • french fries for free !!!
  • AWESOME song. Love love love it!
  • Joeperdepoepie
  • genius,soulwax always the best !
  • Listen further. Take a trip to electglitchdubhop.
  • I like the progression. A bit spooky.
  • This isn't the version from "Any minute now" but the remix from "NIte Versions". Staff of please change the tags
  • god save the queen, s'il vous plaît.


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