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  • Avatar di Verticis_Puer
    Still criminally underplayed. Absolute Gem.
  • Avatar di antiqwar
  • Avatar di deathless87
    awesome. underrated stuff ;D
  • Avatar di TaciturnaMuneca
  • Avatar di Selenaru_Negrea
    Other spellings is incorect. St. Germain has absolutely nothing to do with this band. Except that this band ripped off (or let's saz remixed) one of St. Germain's songs. But that's it.
  • Avatar di Selenaru_Negrea
    I finally found out where else I've heard the melody of Screaming Black! La Goutte d'Or by St. Germain. Except that here there are vocals. The rest is the same.
  • Avatar di Selenaru_Negrea
    I just wish someone had the full versions of "Highlight" and "Dolphin Master"...
  • Avatar di Verticis_Puer
    totally agree with chiaroscuro2 ... Amazing music. "Denon" & "A piece of dismind" are too insanity ;)
  • Avatar di chiaroscuro2
    Now this band is 'criminally underplayed.' =)
  • Avatar di SirAlecHendrix
    brand new group with sorem sound system : [group]n i g h t l o u n g e[/group]

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