• recommended radio (July 2012)

    Lug 3 2012, 10:09 di Erkan-Yilmaz

  • Black Cobra, Blarke Bayer / Black Widow, Agonhymn, Sore @ The Arthouse.

    Nov 10 2009, 5:33 di ArcH13

    Fri 2 Oct – Black Cobra, Black Widow, Sore, Agonhymn, Roskopp, Blarke Bayer

    So this will be a short review as I have left it a bit late...

    First off was Sore, typical sludgy doom duo, drums and guitar. Good stuff was going on there but it just didn't quite do it for me, could have used some more tonal variation.

    Next Agonhymn, I've kept missing out on seeing these guys live for some time, I bought their album Doom Jazz a while ago, anyway. Agonhymn are another sludge/doom duo, drums and guitar again, infact all the bands were drum and guitar duos. They played more uptempo stuff than appears on the album, maybe to do with whom they were playing with? Well that uptempo stuff was really good, the drummer is much better than is displayed on Doom Jazz, and the stuff they played from that was tight and sounded really sweet and clear live. Good stuff.

    After that Blarke Bayer / Black Widow Blarke Bayer on Alumminum Guitar and Effects and Black Widow on drums. …
  • defining the year through albums 2008

    Dic 30 2008, 15:11 di dylangerescape

    Well, hereth came the end of the fantastic year of 2008. It has been a pretty eventful year, especially in the field of our beloved music. (and i mean good events, not anything to do with Leona Lewis or Rihanna or Katy Perry (although i do admit she is kind of a fascinating woman, except for that whole lesbianism thing), no actually good stuff.
    the year saw the release of hundreds and hundreds of albums and i am naming 10 of the best of the year.

    10. Bring Me Your Love - City and Colour

    I regard it as one of the year’s best folk/acoustic releases by a man who sings in a post hardcore band. Dallas Green has showed that he too has the mind of Bob Dylan as some of the songs in the album incorporates elements of blues and a bit of alt-country ala Uncle Tupelo. Despite a folkier sound, he still is the same heartbroke lad from lower Canada that still cries his heart out through six steel strings, with a voice to die for and a heavy heart to top it off.

  • Indie-nesia...

    Giu 15 2008, 1:55 di datakid

    I've just come back from my first short stay in Indonesia. Spent most of my time in Jakarta and Bandung, and while I only got to see the one band, I managed to pick up some great cds.

    I met a few music kids while there, and was given a comprehensive list of "indie" bands to check out, but from what I could gather they didn't play live that often - I think indie is more the sound than the live idea. I did notice bands playing more frequently, but they seemed to be more punk rock, and I didn't actually go see anything, so whether they were of the Eddie Current Suppression Ring variety, the Purple Rainbow variety, or the bland variety is yet to be discovered.

    White Shoes & The Couples Company were seemingly the hit of the town, and their new cd Skenario Masa Muda is quite pretty lounge pop that I am enjoying a lot. Their marketing is exquisite - beautiful photos, and cd's well packaged.

    Without a doubt there have been two standout cds so far. …
  • Sound[partly]shine 2007

    Mar 24 2007, 12:16 di scifisuede

    Sat 10 Mar – Soundshine 2007

    My Saturdays are sometimes more stressful than my workdays - and 10th March 2007 is the most stressful of all. It was my first day taking a Chinese course which started early at 08.30 and ended at 12.30, leaving me with slight frustration about my horrible pronunciation and a headache. After that I had to dash to give lessons which started at 13.00, so I had to change shoes and eat my lunch on the way in the car. The lesson ended at 15.00, when Soundshine started at 16.00. Darn, I thought, and I still had to get my ticket in the mall adjacent to the venue. After having my ticket in hand and a quick stop at the loo, I rushed to the venue.

    The gates weren't open until a bit over 16.00, and my friend was still on his way. While waiting, I took my ticket out and looked at it - whoopsies, "no camera". I quickly rearranged my bag - which is narrow at the top and spacious at the bottom like a dark abyss - so that my camera bag is tucked under my wallet, mobile, and an array of cosmetics. …