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  • aww... was looking forward to a new album.
  • wtf =/
  • [url=]Just read that they've broken up[/url] - so upsetting! :'(
  • Rama Lama is the song that really made me take notice of this band back in '05
  • One of the best Scottish bands together with Texas and Frightenred Rabbit:)
  • All is quiet up north
  • Gilt Complex - their best song.
  • What's up with the top tracks for last week?
  • They are so AMAZING!! Cool...really love' em...8)
  • Edinburgh NYE 2012 :D
  • Europe in the spring?
  • ооо) класс!)
  • Hey if you like S&D, check out Bonfire Nights, they're touring with them in October:
  • Candlewhack = Fan pissed off about critics lol
  • Could have used a more original album title though - Mirror Mirror has been done tonnes of times before (I count at least 7 albums)
  • Feels like a moody slow burner so far - might take a few listens though Sounded great on one stereo - then felt like it was missing all the dark ambience - that I liked so much on the first listen - on another
  • Added to [url=/group/Streamable+Track+Wants/forum/57927/_/639770/_/13141525]Streamable Track Wants » Discussions » Artist Connections Overflow[/url]
  • effing panned by p4k. can't help but agree that Rose Red and Breaking Fun are the strongest tracks here, though I like Silver Spell and The Model, too.
  • You should stop reviewing music, you're not very good at it.
  • Check out our review of Mirror Mirror:
  • They're both signed to Domino and have incredibly strong female leads :)). But I meant that they're both incredibly good and unique.
  • can't see the link with the kills there, but what a band: the new album is great - fuck the NME (6/10, really?) - gigs soon please...
  • We need more bands like this and The Kills :))
  • class
  • Their new album is amazing. Saw them at the Lexington in London recently (10th June) and the new songs were so good live.
  • New album is beyond amazing. Precious.
  • Dont think ive heard a better song than Breaking Fun for years... Fuckn cool as hell
  • Mirror Mirror is freaking awesome!
  • any chance to get the link?
  • New album is sounding great. Sounds get better with each play. Ink Free & Axed Actor are favorites so far.
  • Just got my mitts on Mirror Mirror, loving Orion :) Nice change of direction too...
  • here's the BBC session with 3 new songs:
  • Still looking out for some album samples - its out in less than two weeks. Anyone noticed any anywhere?
  • timberland lol :D
  • new video for "Breaking Fun" <3
  • Ahhhh I love Sons and Daughters :D
  • oooh man i found them a while ago and did not listen to them untill now. BIG MISSTAKE!!! They are sick!!!!
  • finally! new album "Mirror Mirror" will be released on 16th May.
  • I had forgotten how much I like this band! [2]
  • Listen to Crime / Just Relax
  • new S&D 7" single for record store day!!
  • new album? cheers \mm/
  • where the fuck is long-awaited new album? =/
  • This Gift! <3
  • "I like this band for a hundred, if not a thousand yet undiscovered, reasons, not the least of which is that the ladies are badass tigresses instead of the emaciated faux-ingenues typical of indie-rock girls-in-bands." -Paleotrees Yes! This exactly!
  • Hey everybody, have featured Sons & Daughters in my latest podcast. If you like them, you might well like the rest of it. Can download or stream a 1.5hr fortnightly show at
  • Gilt complex used in campaign site for Timberland… Made me listen to S&D again. Good thing. Will it make me buy some shoes? Probably not.
  • guilt complex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!russia love it)))))
  • this gift is a great album


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