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  • Silence.
  • o/
  • SonicFlood <333333 is: teleio! ;D
  • A bit sad for SonicFlood that their Top Track is a Delirious cover. Still, they rocked Flevo 99 and changed my view on worship.
  • Dear Lord is great. Chill out praise is awesome!
  • Powerful sound! Thx you guys!
  • A very good band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their songs are beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this song!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautifu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sonicflood is the best banda! ;D
  • heavenly worship :))
  • An awesome group!!!
  • lol @ wierzbol's comment.....hahahhahahahahahahahahahha so true
  • lol. um no not genius.
  • describe in one word: GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • These guys seriously mutilated a classic Delirious song (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever)...but then at least they made the song famous, they just don't get any credit for actually writing it.
  • your adorable songs move me *.*
  • SonicFlood is great.. Love their songs.
  • These Guys where my favorite band for years! Then I saw them I consert and at the end when they were about to leave no one was around so I asked them for there Autograph and they totaly ignored me and walk right into there truck. I was heart broken, but I still like them (there just not my favorite band anymore).
  • This band is so awesome. They rock!!
  • i cannot produce god into my hands or yours for he is much bigger than that and does not bend to my will. neither can he be contained in a logical argument. i can take you to his house, however, where you can meet him, for he wants to meet you.
  • Look at Jesus Christ.
  • prove that he does.
  • alright - prove it!
  • Es un super grupo.. enserio qe me gusta mucho la letra de sus canciones!!
  • Yeah, that one is from their first, which was a great record (as was the follow-up Live record). The rest? Not so much.
  • I've got the random '8 great songs' release. Most of this is terrible, but My Refuge is truly epic.
  • It's a shame everyone left the band after the first record :-/
  • ditto... the first album was quite literally a classic for Christian music. The rest feel victim to the same bland mass-produced feel that subsequently pushed me away from Christian music entirely.
  • I loved the first record. The rest have been forgettable.
  • Amazing band!! Love 'em!

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