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Sonic Youth


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  • it's not a bad album but people who think this is their best are seriously delusional.
  • Dirty > Nevermind [2]
  • Still remember being about 11 years old and finding Dirty among my brother's CD collection. He had a bunch of random albums but it just somehow caught my eye and I decided to check out who the hell Sonic Youth were. When 100% started, I knew this was gonna be amazing!
  • their last masterpiece
  • all other sonic youth albums are still great today and get better with age.....this continues to be the one that I never want to listen to anything off of besides Sugar Kane
  • forget nevermind. this is the real deal. first sc record i heard back in the 90's. still one of my faves.
  • Disappointing album. Some nice songs like Sugar Kane and Chapel Hill, but otherwise really subpar for Sonic Youth standards.
  • This album is a masterpiece!
  • I'd say it's better overall than Goo and Jet Set, probably not Washing Machine... but definitely what came directly before and after it
  • This is an excellent record, easily in my personal top 5 of theirs. Never understood the hate towards it, there's some really wonderful songs on here.
  • Awesome album, it really is.
  • The cover is dirty.
  • this album is GODLY
  • Would have to be my favorite Sonic Youth album.
  • The Sonic Youth "grunge" album is just perfect, but a couple of steps behind Goo.
  • I'm a fairly "hardcore" SY fan (in terms of listening to the broad spectrum of their work, including the noisy and improv stuff), and even then this and Murray St are probably my favourite albums. The drums on Dirty sound fantastic... the best sound Butch Vig was able to achieve (and I include Siamese Dream in that)
  • Wish fulfillment and JC are my two favorite sonic youth songs. One of my top albums by them, and by anyone.
  • I think after this album the drums sound wasn't that good any more
  • Belated happy birthday, and thanks for all the music.
  • Happy 20th birthday.
  • daydream nation is my favourite album but i like this record as well, though it's very different
  • least favorite
  • I can't decide which Kim Gordon song is my favorite. On the Strip or Shadow of a Doubt. I just can't decide!
  • "but cover... one of worst ever." "Only flaw is a few Kim tracks". Jeez, who are these people?!
  • R.I.P Mike Kelley [2]
  • R.I.P Mike Kelley ):
  • Pretty good. The extra songs from the deluxe version are alright too.
  • This one started it for me
  • I like the cover! =D
  • THE album that got me to sonic youth, and still my top album.
  • still my fave SY LP :)
  • i remember that i didn't wat to listen to this album just for having "100%" wich i hate. but i listened to the rest of the album and i just loved it. oh and 100% doesn't bug me that much either, now.
  • best album!sonicanomalies!
  • Whatever. The cover art is fucking awesome! I think the cover is the main reason why I bought it from a pawn shop when I was in third grade haha. Took a little getting used to then, but by the time I was in 8th grade or so I loved the whole album!
  • on repeat
  • Wish Fulfillment alone makes this album worth owning.
  • I have orgasm
  • enormous album
  • real good
  • This album's okay. Evol, Sister, Daydream Nation, and Goo all have it beat easily.
  • very, very good album, but cover... one of worst ever. [2]
  • very, very good album, but cover... one of worst ever.
  • Pretty solid from start to finish. Only flaw is a few Kim tracks and could've used more Lee on it :P
  • Better than Goo. Just sayin'.
  • ouch. I missed that album....
  • This must have been something less or more a sellout, but for me it's still a remarkable album and it contains 'JC' - their best and most sincere song ever.
  • Dirty › Nevermind
  • one of their bests, "100%" resumes the groove of the alternative music, Drunken Butterfly is the perfect union of madness and... more madness, Shoot is soo sexy... like, this is close to perfection.
  • Kim is really angry about something here, isn't she?


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