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Formed in the spring of 1987, Solitude Aeturnus are still pummeling souls into doom metal submission to this day! Out of a sheer dark desire to spread the power of heavy head swirling and pounding hell metal the band pushes onward.

The line up began as darkened soul, John Perez, quit his former seminal thrash metal band Rotting Corpse in early ’87. Perez, already a veteran metal dog, had begun to tire of the…

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  • Gotta love that Doom metal. It's creepy and depressive as heck! But it have good songs 'n' lyrics.
  • v lolwut
  • Production, or lack there of IS this bands downfall.
  • Downfall is a masterpiece savaged by incompetent production.
  • v NO WAI
  • I never like "heavy" voices like Rob Halford or Bruce Dickenson, I do always prefer the growl or harsh style in death metal and black metal. But when I listen to Robert Lowe's voice, the experience is kinda different for me, I don't know why that voice really like me. I started listening to Candlemass' last 3 albums with Lowe on vocals and it started my curiosity for Solitude Aeturnus, specially for their last album "Alone".
  • Awesome band.
  • Im surprised Seeds of the Desolate isnt number 1
  • Over 1 million scrobbles!

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