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  • Lunar Rings was really ruined by the remixers, imho:( the greatness & brilliance of original version is lost without a trace. yeah, every track on a single is solid high quality club danceable work, but... where is sensuality of airy Essence's voice? i found it only in Prospekt's remix. it's the only track where balance between rhythm & atmosphere is good enough!
  • Spectrum (Duderstadt Remix) . . . . One of the best Trance songs ever made:)
  • Isn't it Lunar Rings?
  • super!!!!
  • "Lunar Wings" is awesome!
  • Бомба!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great tune you are making guys! THanks for them
  • Brilliant.
  • I believe Jabberwock is under [artist]Skyscraper[/artist].
  • Solarstone - Spectrum (Duderstadt Remix) . . . . Wonderful track . . .:)
  • Second that! Welcome back ... We missed you!
  • Welcome Back SOLARSTONE!!! Balearic Trance at its BEST! :)
  • Where the hell is Jabberwock??
  • good stuff
  • seven cities...just amazing track
  • After listening Spectrum (Parts 1 and 2) I start to believe that trance can never die...
  • yes, Spectrum (Parts 1 And 2) is absolutely amazing trip between stars in space...
  • This stuff kinda reminds me of Orbital mixed with trance. Very cool stuff man!
  • Just bought Rain Stars Eternal online..and im loving it. Solarstone has such high quality tunes
  • This is fantastic, just the way I like my trance.
  • You just got infeKKKted! [artist]DJ Infektial Blowjob![/artist]
  • just listening Seven Cities single now... i'm reborn. what a positive music full of life! Lunar Rings from Rain Stars Eternal album is the best track! cann't get enough of it.
  • Solar Stone's coming to Taiwan, i'm soooooo there.
  • day by day love this track
  • lunar rings, my new solar stone favourite
  • Aetherial music productions..
  • Yeah! =)
  • I can't wait to get my hands on the Rain Stars Eternal album. The samples sound amazing, especially 4ever.
  • jabberwock!!
  • who loves it meeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Release is amazing!!!
  • Solarcoaster and the Day by Day dub are my favourites.
  • my personal favourite!
  • Powerful!
  • These guys kick ass... amelodically I should say.
  • Before 2005 the name was Solar Stone. After the name changed to Solarstone. The name is Solarstone.
  • Seven Cities and Release. Wonderful tracks.
  • damm, i can't forget how i hugged rich after his great set... one of the greatest dj ever. and production of solarstone, i simply love it!!! can't wait to anthology two.
  • eastern sea (first state mix) rocks! ;)
  • Solarstone - the best!
  • Like A Waterfall... wow
  • The uncontested pioneers of uplifting trance. Seven Cities was ground breaking at the time of its release, beginning the journey of many a trance addict.
  • agree, they rocks
  • I love Solarstone!! Solarcoaster, Speak in Sympathy, Seven Cities.... wow!!
  • Yeah, it should be Solarstone, one word. The Orkidea Remix of The Calling is awesome btw :).
  • the V-One Remix of Seven Cities turns a chilled out tune into a briliant anthem. listen to it!
  • 'Solarcoaster' is my favourite track of their's, closely followed by 'The Calling' and 'Seven Cities'.
  • Clackers: well, the official website and their albums says Solarstone ;)
  • These 2 guys r just great! Hope they manage to come to Brazil some day. It would b a day of pure & extreme bliss to me!


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