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  • Avatar di Drazba
    this band is something--ahead of its time ?====its time isn't here yet
  • Avatar di Newt_Valarcci
    Love Kevin Ayers
  • Avatar di TeenageRiot-
    That's a fucking bass doing that. Kevin Ayers was amazing! RIP :(
  • Avatar di robertwneal
    I saw the S.M. at the Civic Opera House in Chicago way back when. They were the lead off band for Jimmy Hendrix. It was a real shocker for us when the S.M. Drummer walked off stage at the end wearing only a flesh colored swim suit. Now, as Cole Porter wrote, 'anything goes'.
  • Avatar di Graveyard_Poet
    My favorite tracks on this album were the instrumentals, this and "Priscilla", I believe, was the name of the other one. I used to trance out to this during my college daze. My fave Soft machine song is "Hibou, Anemone, and Bear".
  • Avatar di RoseEtNoire
  • Avatar di Aquarius2050
    Love this sound
  • Avatar di sir_toddalot
    Its Wiggly
  • Avatar di sir_toddalot
  • Avatar di anikulapo82

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