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In the Sign of Evil + Obsessed by Cruelty

In the Sign of Evil + Obsessed by Cruelty

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  • this and persecution mania only ...
  • АЗУИННО)))000)))))00)))0))
  • The Original Steamhammer version sounds much better, but only in vinyl :S. i need to find it....
  • ..and BY FAR the best SODOM's releases (with "Persecutin Mania + Expurse of Sodomy").
  • The best, grimmest k v l t speed/thrash/black metal EP + LP!!! f v k k i n g k v l t!!!
  • 'tf, my album track list is totally different?! what happened to after the deluge...?
  • Blackthrash this album Blasphemer KICKK ASSSSSSSSSS!
  • Horrible fucking timing on the drums, great shit otherwise.
  • Most death metal bands suck? Obviously Razor745 has no recollection of late 80s, early 90s Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Australian and Canadian acts to supplement the already established US acts.
  • That's weird. I had the same problem but iTunes fucked it up. Song lenghts on this website are incorrect. I have the original CD and After The Deluge and Obsessed By Cruelty are joined together and make one song which is 5:48 long.

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