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  • You can buy their new album and Lunch for the sky on vinyl at
  • Their new album is the best album I've heard in years. Maybe best ever.
  • welcome back guyss !
  • ey these guys make my blipster soul sad.
  • I think one of these guys went to my college. HAY JERZAAAAAY.
  • New song "Give & Take 2" is awesome
  • More songs like "Turn" please.
  • Just to note, i'm not DinoDave himself. I'm just a participant in that video, and a close friend of his.
  • - A music video made for Lunch For The Sky, officially acknowledged by Socratic themselves on Facebook and Twitter. Made by DinoDave in Massachusetts in 2008.
  • <333
  • decent piano rock, I guess.
  • aw gotta love drive-thru bands
  • I love you guys!
  • I smoke five joints a day; just to be social, to hold up my head. im high enough to pray up to a sky that's holding me down
  • Does any one want to talk!!!!!!!!
  • loveu guys..y'all should come over my place, i'd pay you.
  • Nj!
  • lunch for the sky is one of my favorite albums
  • "i'm really glad last fm recommended these guys to me. they're so good." SECONDED. WOW.
  • anyoen who has "its getting late" please contact me..ive looked everywhere and i cant find it to for now if someone could please please send me it i would appreciate it so much
  • old stuff is betterrrrrr
  • my foot can't stop tapping along :]
  • Amoooo! ;))
  • i'm really glad last fm recommended these guys to me. they're so good.
  • it's duanee's birthday todayyy
  • ...perfect!!
  • you guys were so awesmome last night!!!
  • i remember the first time i heard lunch for the sky, it seems like it's been so long. which it probably has been, idk. i enjoy the new album, good stuff. socratic is amazing.
  • thanks mark hoppus' podcast
  • *taps my foot
  • Boy in a Magazine <3
  • So I've listened to that new album and, I don't like it. I miss the 'lunch for the sky'-style.
  • wow, new album? didn't know that.
  • New album out today! Can't wait to go and pick it up! If the rest of it is anything like the Boy in a Magazine and May I Bum A Smoke its going to be AMAZING!!
  • Anyone wif I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business in their similar artists is welcome in my iTunes. xD
  • New album is awesome!
  • Saw them last night and they were awesome. There were only THREE other people at the show. What gives?
  • really love the new songs, 'boy in a magazine' and 'may i bum a smoke' the new albums gonna be the best
  • so cute live :]
  • Have fun at SXSW this week guys! The showcase you are playing for Drive-Thru sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to watch!
  • Hell Yeah Cranford, NJ!
  • they're the nicest people you'll ever meet.
  • anybody plz upload It's Getting Late EP to!! :'( tnx in advance!
  • B to E should be up higher on the charts !
  • I have It's Getting Late if anyone needs. I don't see any of the songs relatively close to the top tracks. You should listen.
  • Socratic reached Germany! Whooo, kinda Punk with a Piano, I love it. Or Emo with a singer who sings - with a great voice. Or... well, they're brilliant! Hop over to Europe,boys! And ladies, as to their cuteness: I don't feel capable of commenting....
  • :)


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