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  • essas músicas deles me deixam feliz
  • Trying too hard. Yawn.
  • you can watch Snow Patrol gig from Copenhagen 19.05.2009 here: I was there and it was one of the best gigs I've seen this year! and Gary with his great sense of humor could be a stand up comedian ;)
  • "you're cinematic razor sharp, a welcome arrow through my heart " You're All I Have x3
  • [group]We hate official artist images because they're often ugly[/group]
  • This Friday sees the return of one of the UK’s biggest bands, Snow Patrol, performing a special DJ set with lead singer, Gary Lightbody, and keyboardistŸ, Tom Simpson. Snow Patrol are in Chicago supporting U2 on the start of their US 360˚ tour and wanted to rock one night at Underground before they start this huge and pivotal event. For a chance to see the band do something a little bit different please email me for guest list!
  • ♥ Open Your Eyes ♥ Snow Patrol rulezzz!
  • Hands Open has to be thier best song!
  • i say Alternative Rock
  • Oh, I adore their new album, A Hundred Million Suns - especially Lifeboats and The Golden Floor <3 - I had no idea they were sooo good =)
  • SOMEWHERE A CLOCK IS TICKING. One of the most underrated songs I have ever come across. There are many more I love and adore but this song doesn't get anywhere near enough love.
  • those three words are said too much . Chasing Cars < 3
  • The Reworked tour sounds awesome
  • Somewhere a clock is ticking <3
  • i dont think their pop, like a lighter rock alternative
  • snow patrol is great
  • saw them live on U2 360 tour.. they were amazing... love you guys ... huge fan =) <3
  • They're a joke band, right?
  • They were amazing at Pukkelpop indd. Made me love this band even more!
  • ai, ...
  • i remember the days when they were unknown...
  • <3
  • "A Hundred Million Suns" is their best album for me. 8] Loved "If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It".
  • Join the group: [url=]I HATE Label and Artist Pictures[/url].
  • I'm not a fan of rock music but Snow Patrol and U2 are such a good bands "Chorzów loves Snow Patrol "
  • any new songs?
  • They were so friggin' awesome at Pukkelpop. Best performance I saw at the festival, and the Shut Your Eyes sing-a-long moment was just pure magic. We love you too, Snow Patrol!
  • <3
  • they were sooo good @ Pukkelpop!
  • Love them way too much, I suppose. :D
  • here too (;
  • Nice band, I fell in love with their music =)
  • <3
  • awesome
  • signal fire oh my good best wishes from mexico
  • seeing them soon @ Pukkelpop :)
  • I am addicted to them =) And I love them also for beeing the Soundtrack of Grey´s Anatomy =)
  • L I
  • final straw > eyes open >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a hundred million suns
  • Omg, and if I think about that I was one year old when they were formed and I saw them live just a few days ago. :D It's something that impresses me :)
  • heroes!
  • Chorzów <3 Snow Patrol ;]
  • sooooooo perfect
  • Their concert in Hungary left me speechless... I hope they'll come back soon :)
  • snow patrol being overrated and most definitely not indie
  • They are breath-taking. I really, really like them. <3


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