• Oh, Baby: The Mixtape

    Nov 13 2010, 17:49 di pecusita

    "Baby" is a very popular, non-gender specific, way of referring to your significant other. It is a wonder-word in terms of phonetic camouflage, it can be included in a myriad of music genres without losing a step. Its pop sensibility is so high, that it can even be used by closeted gay people without fear of outing themselves to anyone. "Baby": sweet and short.

    While crushing very hard on the latest addition to the Baby Hall of Fame - Baby by Warpaint - it dawned on me that it'd probably be a good topic for a mixtape. Now, don't be fooled by its sweetness, not all babies are good-natured. Some of them are deceiving, backstabbing, selfish, evil spawns. So, I decided to give a premature, one-sided account on the state of mind of each one of these precious babies to provide extra rant value.

    You can either listen to the songs on Blip.fm or skip to the end and download them all to share with your baby.

    "Oh, how I worry. Please, baby, hurry.
    Come back, come back, come back to me right now [...]
  • Heart Day

    Feb 14 2008, 21:00 di allieooopz

    Before I head off to donate blood this Valentines day (which I've been informed, is sort of emo), a round of love all around, of any kind.

    This Morning:

    Donora - Shhh
    (PostSecret hosts a visual feast of a montage for Vday with this secretive songlet.) Lastfm has the wrong track for "Shhh"

    Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am
    (I only remember I had heard Ingrid before, by coming onto Lastfm, and seeing her artist photo pop up. <3)

    Lately: (Severely biased due to my limited collection and my looping preferences of the last 3 months)

    Smith- Baby It's You

    Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining
    (Jenny Lewis's voice produces that cloud-9 euphoria. <3)

    Mika - Love Today
    (Ok so Mika forces love down your throat, and quite aggressively with this beat.)

    Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
    (I'd think any song with a female first name can never really go wrong, but this is a recent fave. …