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  • Avatar di MyHeadOnAPlate
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves meets Coheed & Cambria
  • Avatar di volumeOut
    FINALLY NEW ALBUM. C'mon baby!
  • Avatar di juddhan
    The B sides cassette tape is now available on bandcamp and will be available everywhere soon. Full length still yet to come. It's a busy year for small leaks
  • Avatar di tcejosh
    They sent me this on facebook in March of this year but it went to my other folder and I didn't notice it until now: Hey there just letting you know that we're are finishing up our third record. We are offering you an opportunity to download a song off our record that isn't available online or anywhere months before it comes out! We worked so hard on this project and we're very excited to finally be done. This is our gift to all who have waited so patiently. Just go to this website and enter your email and a song will be sent shortly after. Hope you love it!!
  • Avatar di HappyAppey
    Pray For Pills >>
  • Avatar di Parasitical
    This band needs to come out with a new album already. For the love of God.
  • Avatar di Jharod
    ooh, I guess I like it
  • Avatar di theeferick
    heart & soul.
  • Avatar di crimsonmourn
    Thank's SLSS, I been looking for something like this.
  • Avatar di killeradam
    I like alottt

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