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  • Anyone who denies these guys talent are full of shit.
  • I'll admit that I was into the Iowan band when they were at the peak of their popularity. I really don't like 'em anymore. There's so many better bands i got into as time went by and I guess they're awesome if you like 'em. I was not one of those fans who followed them from the days of their popularity and into the 2010's. It is a shame that their original bassist Paul Grey (or was it Gray? sp?) passed away, R.I.P. to him. I can't believe that happened 5 years ago. I listen to the obscure and less known crossover Slipknot today.
  • RIP [2]
  • "Iowa" FTW
  • Iowa > Slipknot > .5: The Gray Chapter > Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) > All Hope Is Gone
  • Killpop is such a beautiful song.
  • XIX
  • For all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • RIP
  • yeah i hate the new last fm layout, it's ugly, the same mindset is had with Youtube, why fix what is NOT broken in the first place, the old layout was simple and effective, i don't want to make comments anymore, everything is ugly from the circle avatar (used to be a humble square) to the ugly banner at the top , we need that petition in full swing, if i could sign everyday of the week i would
  • Best show from Rock in Rio
  • Their first album was fun, the rest is just embarassing.
  • Teenage Time Killers interview at Download festival
  • Sign to bring back old
  • better soad
  • for all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • Очень нравится ремикс на Vermilion Pt. 2 с фильма Другой мир.
  • The Gray Chapter is so good!!!! I will like to see some songs from that album on the charts.
  • Their best album is IOWA. [1]
  • Melhor show que já fui na vida@!$!@%!@
  • Love this band <3
  • Que banda. Que show! ♥
  • Poucos mantêm a essência como esses caras fazem. São fodas demais!
  • Their best album is IOWA.
  • Grey Chapter is nice. Had fun listening to it.[2] Good CD.
  • Awesome good band.
  • Sign to bring back old
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • iowa решает епта
  • Grey Chapter is nice. Had fun listening to it.
  • ghostofravens: I don't care if I'm metal or not, I'm not 12 years old.
  • not saying anybody's metal taste is better than anything else, but DIE KRUPPS new album came out today, and it's REALLY FUCKING METAL. Titled "V - Metal Machine Music" (2015) check it the FUCK out.
  • Cheap Tickets for Rock Concerts 2015: rocktotick(dot)com
  • вот же была эпоха говноедов, сейчас надеюсь они распались хоть и сдохли все?
  • @TheOnlyMAD: Caring about the judgment of others isn't metal. You should hate yourself for that.
  • Probably the main reason why people think metal is only noise and screaming. I hate them for that.
  • Sign to bring back old
  • I got tired of nu-metal Slipknot. I listen to the crossover Slipknot nowadays.
  • Better than Pantera shit. Videos are morbid, but the way how they compose the songs are amazing.
  • Всегда были шикарными, хейтерам смерть)
  • Potential dual album,
  • Why did Surf Nazis on Ecstasy cover a Slipknot song?
  • @Natanaelbp - wow, that's a pretty inconsiderate thing to say, especially that the same statement easily applies to your top artist.
  • I always get so fuckin' tired of the haters, not only here but everywhere... Come on, if you don't like Slipknot then listen to something else. Claims to be a true "Metalhead" bashes on every band he doesn't like, that just gross... Get open minded!
  • ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • > Listens to this Slipknot from the 1980's: > Scrobble registers it as the nu-metal Slipknot Fuck you, Also, this particular Slipknot was way better before Corey Taylor joined, go listen to Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.....such a missed opportunity.
  • Говно из говна.
  • Fucking Shit For Stupid People [3]


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