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  • Just found out they broke up and I'm so upset. They were one of my favorite bands and I always wanted to see them live and never got a chance to. :-/ They made two of my favorite albums in the world and I will miss them a lot.
  • I miss this band so so so so much :(
  • Really is too bad that people stopped listening to them after Waves stopped being popular
  • Can't stop listening to Bad News and Haunting Me. So good.
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  • If you need new music, Conway is awesome!
  • Come to Kansas City and don't have a 21+ show like last time! D:
  • I wish these guys and girl would come to Chicago. They remind me of Tilly and the Wall.
  • Sweet indie sounds :)'
  • they look pretty good
  • Love the video for Waves!
  • Can't wait for the release of About Last Night this Tuesday! They've got a pretty good sound and have come a long way!
  • Still not totally sure how I feel about the new album. I definitely like it...but it's a whole different monster from Celebrasion. Definitely getting a bunch of spins on Spotify at the moment, though!
  • About Last Night on Spotify today. That feeling of getting an album you're really excited about a week early. [2] Listening to it right now! Amazing so far. <3
  • About Last Night on Spotify today. That feeling of getting an album you're really excited about a week early.
  • these guys are killing it on tour right now! excited for the album release on 3/25!
  • So stoked for the new album to be released 3/25. These guys make such great music and the new album is gonna be awesome!
  • did anyone else get the free "waves" download? so good!!
  • Great band! really want to see them live some time, hope they will release another album soon
  • These guys are from my hometown! Saw 'em live for the first time back in like 2008 or 2009, had a couple high school classes with the lead singer, and actually uploaded that main picture several years ago, so randomly coming across their (quite popular) page again is pretty surreal! Keep it up, guys! BGKY represent! haha
  • OMG this band deserve more listener and scrobles <3
  • Can't wait to see them again at Starry Nights! :D
  • I don't care if this band was in Rolling Stone, I'll still listen to them.
  • alright
  • Such amazing band, so underrated yet so unbelievably talented and amazing!
  • пожар
  • Jams...Shuga Cane & B My Monster ROCk! :P
  • love their energy, and AMAZING performers! I can't wait to see them again! (kudos for touring with BK)
  • Sleeper Agent fans! If you haven't heard of the band Walk the Moon you're missing out because you'd probably love them! Head over to their official website to see music videos, performances from the MTVU woodie awards, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and more!!
  • Such nice vocals.
  • They are on the episode for 31-3-2012 of Doug Loves Movies
  • Amazing!
  • Banda legalzinha!
  • if your a fan of Sleeper Agent- check out Walk the Moon's NEW EP @
  • I LOVE SLEEPER/AGENT SO MUCH! awesome fucking job on the Get Burned video, I just saw it for the first time and love love love it
  • @townkrier i know that and that's not the point. i'm from brazil and i can't pay in dollars without a credit card. and i don't have one :)
  • Love Sleeper Agent? Check out Walk the Moon and their new EP on Spotify:
  • @rrroberta: Their CD is only $5. Pay the few bucks to support an up-and-coming band that really could use it. Torrent people like P@TD who don't need your money as much.
  • awesome stuff guys!
  • Get Burned teaser :D
  • where i found free download?
  • Хороши
  • So hooked on the Celabrasion album!
  • Amazing.
  • nice!!!!!!!!!!
  • Come to Lollapalooza next summer!
  • Wow, I can't believe they're not more well-known... Celabrasion is a fantastic album. Well I'm sure they'll eventually have tons of fans. They rock. :)
  • Sleeper Agent "Force A Smile" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: December (2011) Download here: theindierockplaylistdotcom
  • These guys have totally blown up since I saw them open for Cage the Elephant a few months ago. I'm really happy they are getting the attention they deserve. :D
  • I was so glad to preorder. Epic shirt is epic


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