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Sixto Sounds, zircon

Lunatic Moon (Red XIII's Theme ~ Cosmo Canyon) (3:55)

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  • sixto sounds and zircon again proving their awesomeness. these guys never disappoint.
  • positively ear candy
  • Excellent!
  • 1:53 onwards is pure awesomeness.
  • These guys are amazing, huh?
  • I died and gone to cosmo canyon! Thank you for this FINE mix
  • An excellent collab. and a perfect-ish mix between chaotic & wild sounding (but still understandable) music and rather calm, invigorating, "epic", and smooth music
  • very nice...stellar track!
  • this is indeed a badass song, 2 thumbs up
  • excellent!
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • excellent mix of rock and mellow(don't know the exact genre.) Way cool. excellent transitions.
  • Sixto and Zircon made my most favorite song of all time. End of discussion. I cant tell you how many times I've listened to this epic piece since I found it 2+ years ago.
  • This might be the best theme from this game... -Arvis
  • Me:I've listened to every song in the album, but I'm pretty sure this is the best one. Sephy:Ugh...I thought we were done critiquing these songs! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Me:Wow...Someone looke a little upset.
  • WOah, awesome o.O
  • AMAZING. <3
  • Freakin sweet remix
  • It really does sound a bit like a Gackt song. I really like it.
  • its got a real gackt feel to it
  • Me:Whaaaaat? You think I'm crazy too?!? Sephy:You cant fool the public. Me:B-but YOURE the crazy murdering...Oh. Sephy:Exactly.
  • i think hollow12 is slightly mad. But they are right about this tune
  • Me:Now THIS is music! Sephy:I guess so...The beginning is all right... Me:Aha! I saw you swaying to the woodwind zones,YOU LIKE THIS ONE!!! Sephy:So maby I do, why do you care? Me:Ha! I knew it! Sephy:*mutters under breath*
  • RED XIII!!! :D
  • awesome!
  • Love it.
  • noice!
  • !
  • Insane guitar jam.
  • kick arse
  • Rawking track.
  • I heard this song once and I was hooked. Great work. I love the 'grungy' part of the Cosmo Canyon theme @1:09:00
  • Lunatic Moon ftw

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