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  • Avatar di phillipkilch316
    Moral of the story: swans are assholes (2)
  • Avatar di fawnings
    who will love a little sparrow?
  • Avatar di dasTVKchen
    great song, but I´ve never heard it before...
  • Avatar di Beef__Supreme
    The best <3
  • Avatar di barryvs
    I'm a sucker for these harmonies.
  • Avatar di Nate999
    Moral of the story: swans are assholes
  • Avatar di Druid66
    Spooky, archaic, mystical. Has a nice sense of urgency. Wonderful vocal harmonies.
  • Avatar di No_Funeral
    Haha this is such a good song... Maybe the best they ever did.
  • Avatar di Oppressotron
    And little did they know that the sparrow would one day have his revenge... sickle for the wheat, axe for the tree, pipebomb for the damn swans... mess with the sparrow will ya!
  • Avatar di azureamethyst
    gems like this remind me why i love s&g

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