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I Sigh sono una band avantgarde metal/black metal giapponese fondata nel 1990 da Mirai Kawashima. Sono considerati uno dei gruppi più famosi nel campo del metal estremo nipponico.

Dopo aver inciso le demo "Desolation" e "Tragedies" nel 1990 e l'EP "Requiem for the Fools" nel 1992, il gruppo pubblica il primo album "Scorn Defeat" nel 1993 con la casa discografica di Euronymous (ex leader dei Mayhem), la Deathlike Silence…

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  • Graveward = One of the best releases this year.
  • black metal saxophone never gets old
  • New Sigh Rulz mmmkay.
  • Just checked and yep, Graveward is still one of the strongest releases of the year.
  • Sigh rules!
  • Wish someone could make a gtp of any of their songs from Hangman's Hyms. BTW: Graveward kicks ass of any avant-garde metal band in 2015.
  • Graveward is becoming my favorite Sigh album after Imaginary Sonicscape.
  • @metaloly999 Fables of the Sleepless Empire maybe, but they don't really belong to the same genre.
  • @MystCall you're right, if they stopped existing and only us 60k listeners roamed this Earth life would be much easier tbh
  • The Tombfiller is pure love <3

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