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I Sigh sono una band avantgarde metal/black metal giapponese fondata nel 1990 da Mirai Kawashima. Sono considerati uno dei gruppi più famosi nel campo del metal estremo nipponico.

Dopo aver inciso le demo "Desolation" e "Tragedies" nel 1990 e l'EP "Requiem for the Fools" nel 1992, il gruppo pubblica il primo album "Scorn Defeat" nel 1993 con la casa discografica di Euronymous (ex leader dei Mayhem), la Deathlike Silence Productions. La label cessò di esistere poco dopo la morte… ulteriori informazioni

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  • <rant>Well this is interesting. It took me years to get into Sigh, cause i always started from the beginning or the end of In Somniphobia and thought the tracks have awesome elements, my problem was the very annoying elements. Gallows Gallery didn't do much of anything, even though it sounded ok with lousy sounds. A month I noticed Graveward and it was, if not love, then friendship at first sight. Awesome release. In Somniphobia is a lovely release now too, the first and last track do have annoying melodies but they don't bother me that much anymore (I still skip both though). Also i've gotten into their bedroomish sounds. The mixing is strong with such an array of instruments shining through, but the metal elements could have a lot more power. Also Japanese English pronunciation sounds like Finnish English pronunciation which took some time to get used to. </rant> Bottom line is, man Sigh is awesome.
  • Today I had my first experience with Sigh listening to Scenes from Hell, and I can't remember the last time I had so much FUN going through an album.
  • Graveward = One of the best releases this year. [2]
  • Agreed
  • Graveward = One of the best releases this year.
  • black metal saxophone never gets old
  • New Sigh Rulz mmmkay.
  • Just checked and yep, Graveward is still one of the strongest releases of the year.
  • Sigh rules!
  • Wish someone could make a gtp of any of their songs from Hangman's Hyms. BTW: Graveward kicks ass of any avant-garde metal band in 2015.

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