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Hangman's Hymn

Hangman's Hymn

Elenco dei brani


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  • "Such a crap album from such a once great band..." Except it's a great album and the band is still great.
  • HOLY SHIT this is epic
  • Such a crap album from such a once great band...
  • Sounds like super smash bros.
  • "Sure 'polished' is fine if you're writing pop music" Bleh.
  • Very nice album, but It would be better if they used something different for each song than sampling/repeating of the same parts (for example the words "born again, born again").
  • A masterwork
  • At least the orchestral elements on Scenes From Hell are real, have a broad dynamic range, and sound atmospheric. Yes they are loud, but that in itself makes listening to the music a murky challenge. I agree, this has a more 'polished' sound, but that just makes it all the more boring. Sure 'polished' is fine if you're writing pop music, but most of the riffs here aren't catchy enough to be pop. Introitus/Kyrie is a good track, but all the rest are too similar imho.
  • this is like if disney wrote a black metal album [2]
  • How can an album containing the song Introitus/Kyrie be overrated? Personally I find Scenes From Hell a lot less polished. It sounds like a demo version of an album. It's not bad, but it needs work, badly. Not at all "basically this album done better" IMO. A major complaint for me is that the orchestral elements seem completely disjointed from the rest of the music. They're badly connected and they're far too loud.

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