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    Lug 29 2006, 8:55 di BrainToad

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    Total Tracks: 112
    Total Plays: 112

    Getting back into regular listening patterns.

    1 Green Day 14
    OMG dey r so not punx!!11 Green Day is one band I have loved for years, ever since Warning was their hit record and I bought Nimrod instead, they've had a special place in my hear. Nimrod is a really amazing album. And I'll say it, I like parts of American Idiot, there is some decent and catchy songs on that album, but there is also a lot of crap. But I love listening to Green Day when I'm down or want a trip down memory lane. They are wonderful.

    1 Descendents 14
    I was in a pop-punky mood, so I threw on Milo Goes to College. As always, it was great. Really fun, really catchy, easy to relate to. The perfect pop-punk album.

    1 Camille Saint-Säens 14
    This was a new one for me. Saine-Säens is a French composer and he composed a suite called Carnival of the Animals. The part called "Aquariam" was performed by Dick Dale as the old music for Space Mountain…