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Sid Vicious

My Way (4:04)

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  • Can I be in mercury in my kind and the control plays with the Meditation Opera shown that was a summer baby and needed a Meditation Toy in
  • Fucking golden.
  • best brilliant/awful song i've ever heard [4]
  • shedevar
  • attitude
  • Great....<3
  • oh nooooo the end is nearrr
  • Gary Oldman made him seem older and more haggard somehow in the movie. But here you really get an appreciation for how very young he was. He was still just a boy. Poor thing.
  • this is my new favorite thing
  • podre
  • Horrible but I fucking love it lol!
  • yes but did Sinatra ever piss on his audience...that takes real talent
  • my way...................
  • @durhamcitymakem - "he left a brilliant legacy and hes a legend"... you gotta be trolling lol!
  • and then the voice disapperared...
  • best brilliant/awful song i've ever heard [3]^^
  • @ john_dillenger....of course he was a talentless twat, thats wot the rock n roll swindle was all about. but for a talentless twat he left a brilliant legacy and hes a legend.
  • i love this song
  • talentless twat.
  • <3
  • God Save The Punk!
  • my ultimate rock-the-fuck-out song
  • Those were the days...LolL! Tragic life stories, though.
  • the most punkiest song ever
  • True Punk for my way live . . but some other sex p tracks are being played also . . blast from the past
  • best brilliant/ aweful song ive ever heard
  • Ok, now everyone play a different song at the same time 1234............................
  • a godfather of punk, all the new ones copy him rather than make there own :)
  • so awfull it was brilliant
  • ......historical value only........?
  • Bloody Awful
  • lol
  • "Sorry about that, folks. I forgot the words." [2]
  • "Sorry about that, folks. I forgot the words."
  • goodfellas!!
  • Lovey piss take
  • wonderful man you're a child from the above. or below, which ever you perfer. rest in shit sid vicious
  • Damn, this shit is aweful
  • the best bad song ever
  • so fucking funny LOL GOD BLESS SID VICIOUS. [2]
  • Brilliantly terrible!
  • Goosebumps.
  • темка детства!!!
  • wrong song - it's Pistols
  • Not my way at all.
  • Goodfellas!!!
  • I kill the cat!
  • My Way!


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