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Electroplasm (10:10)

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  • That beginning sitar riff is so good.
  • Ectoplasm is said to be formed by physical mediums when in a trance state. This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their nonphysical body, enabling them to interact in the physical and real universe. Some accounts claim that ectoplasm begins clear and almost invisible, but darkens and becomes visible, as the psychic energy becomes stronger. Still other accounts state that in extreme cases ectoplasm will develop a strong odor. According to some mediums, the ectoplasm can not occur in light conditions as the ectoplasmic substance would disintegrate. The psychical researcher Gustav Geley defined ectoplasm as being “very variable in appearance, being sometimes vaporous, sometimes a plastic paste, sometimes a bundle of fine threads, or a membrane with swellings or fringes, or a fine fabric-like tissue”.
  • WOW! First time i hear this music - Fan - tastique [3]
  • Does anybody else get a Dream Theater vibe from this song? That main riff sounds like something they've done. Maybe it was Symphony X. Ayreon? This is going to drive me nuts.
  • Great!
  • uuuuh
  • I would love to travel space to this song hahaha !!!
  • I love it!
  • That be a good record, it has a sound of it's own!! those guyz are original with their sound & material,Nice job on this one too!!
  • I got Shpongle dj record out of the crates "Divine moments of truth",trance mix & instrumental, will have to replay that one it's been a while since it was played. This tune rite now is really spacey & as well as trippy, a good platform in which to launch your craft into interstellar space!!

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