• Middle Eastern Fantastic-ness

    Apr 24 2008, 22:43 di davisford

    Hundreds of years ago, I walked into one of the record shops, and they had a cheapo "middle east" bin, with all these CDs from labels like EMI Arabia, and others for $3.99 and such. I eat that s*#$t up.

    I bought a stockpile. One that I still listen to is Warda's Makhtarnash. Two twenty minute tracks of wild string conduction, great rhythm, and fantastic vox. Ever since, I've been a sucker for this music, but it seems very hard to find. Sublime Frequencies Omar Souleyman release is just fantastic and re-kindled my desire to get more.

    So, I went to a local shop, and they had a small bin of about 10-12 discs. If they had arabic writing, I bought them. Two that turned out not so bad are Ammar Ezzahi's LE CHAABI and an album by Shadi Jamil - the title and all liner notes are in arabic, so I have no idea what it is. Google turned up nothing, but it is on the Digital Press Hellas label (Greece) CDSA-001.

    The Selda s/t album recently re-released is another gold nugget I have been playing a lot.