• Top 100 Albums of The Decade (2000-2010)

    Ott 10 2009, 19:13 di jamesdcody

    Below I have compiled a list of my favourite albums of the last decade:

    It goes without saying that Doves are by far my favourite band of the past ten years with all four of their albums inside my top 50.

    This is a work in progress so bare with me......reviews to follow.

    1) Doves - Lost Souls(2000)
    Doves debut album Lost Souls is as close to the ultimate album as you could get. It demands you to listen more and more. I remember walking into a record shop and buying Doves Second album The Last Broadcast and the bloke behind the till saying "Have you heard lost souls?" To which i replied "No" and i vagely remember him saying "You have to buy it, if theres one album you need thats it", He wasn't wrong! Needless to say, I bought it and have been a huge Doves fan since. Its moody, yet uplifting vibe really catches you with brilliant basslines and well crafted song structures. …