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  • galoosh33 - have you heard Eliza Carthy? - I think her latest group is called the Ratcatchers - ensemble fiddle-playing - amazing!
  • This guy is great. Watching Kitty Jay performed live by him on Youtube was amazing, almost sounds better live. I was wondering if anyone knows other artists (folk or not) that use a lot of violin like Seth (a good example of what i'm looking for would be Laura Marling's song, 'Night Terror'). I'd really apprecicate any recomendation, it's quite tough to find it on my own, I came across Seth accidently (thank god I did!). Thank you :)
  • The first song I heard from him was "Cape Clear" - I'm glad I checked out more, he's great.
  • this man is a living legand!
  • Saw Seth in Frome on wednesday night, AMAZING! So much energy, great performance, will be buying his albums!
  • I'll Haunt You <3
  • why isnt the song solomon browne up on the page?? thats an awesome song...
  • One tries ones best ;)
  • Bio now fixed thanks to jizz_monkey.
  • Oh argh haengsle you're right. WTF??!!! View the 'old version' for correct info. Can't be bothered to go edit it all now. May fix it all later. Grrrrrrrrrr to whoever did that!
  • i'm no "seth-expert" but the bio seems to forget the "punch bowl"-album, stating that kitty jay was his debut and that poor man's heaven will be his third album. don't want to correct this if i'm the one who's mistaken...
  • Someone get the man to Oz, I am trying to convert people to the way of Seth as we speak :P I am quite pleased that I saw Seth play at a small intimate Gig at Jack Chams Tavi with Dan Donnelly last year!! Just as good as any of his bigger live gigs!! really gutted i missed the plymouth one, its the onli time he has played a major gig in plymouth that I havent been too :( but alas being 9000 miles away causes some problems!
  • Saw Seth at Cropredy last year and hope I get a chance to see him again soon.Excellent
  • Vote on the new pic
  • and the morning after: he was brilliant!!!!!!! he almost killed his violin though through Kitty Jay...but hell, was it worth it!!
  • im seeing him at plymouth uni tonight!! good times!!
  • Went to see Jethro Tull in Bristol last night and Seth Lakeman was the guest performer. Now can't wait to get his CD's and listen to more.
  • I think he great, he plays the violin like no one else i have even seen. I really want to see him here in plymouth but i dont think i can afford it, who would have thought, a student having to pay to get into there own uni, lol.
  • someone needs to sort out seth's gig calendar. hes playing in peterborough on 1st may (which i'm going to) and hes got 2 cardiff dates. oh well. i cant wait, hes my favourite live performer
  • very nice!
  • bought freedom fields last week on sale because it looked like a good album. this is just fantastic music, can't stop listening to it! how could i have missed such an amazing artist? love it!
  • OMG!!!! Three times this year and SBE to come. Arise Sir Seth of Lakeman :)
  • Loving the new tracks on the current tour. Can't wait to hear the new album and he's amazing live.
  • saw him at connect, nice little hoe-down he got going! don't think i could stomach an album though... more of a live thing i guess!
  • saw him at v without ever hearing him before, then went out and bought 2 of his albums.. hes pretty good
  • this guy is legendaarry! he got so sweaty during his croperedy set, but all the girls thought that made him even sexier!
  • I saw Seth on Sunday in Regent's Park. Excellent show. I even saw him and the lads in the restaurant next door to the open air theatre before the show. Bought some more tickets to see him in October in Canterbury.
  • I saw Seth as support in The Levellers' Chaos Theory tour! IT was magnificent! Can't wait till the next time.
  • Regent's Park + Seth Lakeman = brilliant performance:) !!!! it was wonderful!
  • anyone see him at the Innocent Fete thing in Regent's was fantastic!
  • Great energy...I've seen him and his band at Tori Amos concert!!! I enjoyied this intro so much!!!
  • Wow. I had never heard of him, but he is touring with Tori Amos. I love his music and was impressed by his performance. Unfortunately I can't find a good download. If his album appeals to me, I want to buy it, but I need to preview it first.
  • gosh i love his music quite a lot.
  • Good job Seth, looking forward to the new album. Will never forget selling you cigarettes all those times when nobody knew how good you were! Hope you've stopped smoking! And tidy your car!!!
  • What a sexy bastard.
  • Kitty Jay and Freedom Fields are both absolutely amazing albums. And I don't dish out statements like that willy-nilly. Can't stop listening to them!
  • I'd never heard of Seth Lakeman till 5 mins ago (where have I been :o\) I've just heard The White Hare, off a friend and its amazing! Must get his album!
  • I am glad, that I infected some friends of mine with music of Seth Lakeman. Now they explore internet looking for legends of Dartmoor.
  • so 'm I...pretty boy with pretty voice and pretty fingers that play soooo beautifully? How could I not be? ... ok, that sounds stalker-y, but I really do love the lyrics and the historical aspect to them. Plus the, uh, amazing fiddle playing!
  • I'm in love....
  • I walked right past Seth Lakeman. Right past him. Barely a foot away. Wow.
  • Come to Manchester soon? :( <3 Kitty Jay
  • Kitty Jay is such a good album!
  • 27th July in Lincoln! Can't wait!


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