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  • Avatar di xSELLARDSx
    check out their music video for reverse the curse. so awesome!
  • Avatar di senselessbeauty
    Check out our NEW video!
  • Avatar di metalmeser1
    sad to hear bout shven leaving, high hopes for the future though!
  • Avatar di DutinHiggy
    LOL!!! they have that song name with Iowa City in it...I lived there for 7 years!!! and now just 20 mins away!!! lol i thought that was awesome =)
  • Avatar di metalmeser1
    @HellzAssassin, im glad you agree about slipknot, i only compared them because in the bio it said something about them coming from a land paved by slipknot and other bands. i was simply making an observation. and yes this band is AWESOME. they are the band that got me into music in the first place.
  • Avatar di HellzAssassin
    @metalmeser1 Lol, what the fuck does this band have to do with Slipknot...? I have to agree that Slipknot is terrible, but why the hell are you comparing two completely different genres? Btw, this band is awesome! \m/
  • Avatar di iPowder
    pretty decent album...Reverse the Curse & Living..\m/_
  • Avatar di BenOnUserstyles
  • Avatar di metalmeser1
    these guys are WAAAYY better than crapsnot (slipknot)
  • Avatar di heatstroke1981
    Saw these guys this weekend and thought they were friggin great. Bought their CD and have been listening to it ever since. Keep ur heads up guys, doin' great!

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