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Gli SCREW sono una band visual kei giapponese formata nel 2006.
Vo. 鋲 (Byo) (JOKER as Toge→SCREW)
Gt. 和己 (Kazuki) (Clover→V-Friends→SCREW)
Gt. マナブ (Manabu) (SHINTOKU圏→SCREW)
Ba. ルイ (Rui) (juliadoll→Jewel→SCREW)
Dr. ジン (Jin) (LiViNG DEAD→SCREW)

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  • still love them. still good. still sexy.
  • Whoa... Why all the hate? Oo
  • They were >amazing< some years ago. Now they're just "ok".
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  • They make still good songs, but only a few. Mostly the singles. I still dunno why there aren't comming albums with good music through the whole setlist.
  • I (personally) feel like DUALITY was the last of the good albums they produced, after that they went sucky and then just plain shit.
  • i left the fandom after the Gather Roses teaser. ha i clearly havent missed much.
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