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Scott Walker, (Hamilton, 9 gennaio 1943), è un cantante e compositore statunitense, fondatore dei The Walker Brothers. Figura enigmatica della musica, ebbe i maggiori successi della sua carriera a cavallo tra la decade degli anni '60 e '70. La sua immagine di "idolo" con cui si è presentato al grande pubblico è stata però imprevedibilmente chiusa nell'ultima parte della sua carriera. Dopo un lungo periodo di assenza dalle…

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  • Have you heard David Bowie's new song? David and Scott need to collaborate, on one song at least. It would make sense, they're both admirers of each others works.
  • Eu realmente não sei como eu demorei tanto pra dar atenção aos trabalhos do scott. Que sensacional!!!
  • Music in glorious Black & White.
  • I could read all my sadness in faces I knewwww
  • He's Drilling through The spiritus sanctus Tonight Through The dark hip falls Screaming Oh you mambos
  • Scott is so underappreciated
  • Somebody here might like [url=]this[/url]. ;)
  • Nearly everything Scott Walker has recorded is worthwhile and brimming with creativity (with the possible exception of the tossed-off stuff from the early 70s which, even then, is not without its pleasures) but for me his best work can be found on albums 1-4. They aren't as innovative/avantgarde as recordings like The Drift and Tilt but they are beautiful albums with songs ranging from giddy, goofy and joyful to pathetic, frightening and soul-crushingly depressing, and Scott's vocals throughout those four albums are among the best of twentieth century popular music. I have all the respect in the world for Scott Walker as an artist and for his most recent works but those first four albums are the ones I reach for most often when I want to listen to him.
  • The Sunn O))) ain't gonna shine anymore. [4]
  • "And this is the next item up in the auction, lets start the bidding at 21! Do I hear 21, 21 ,21?" "I'll give you 21, 21, 21" "Sold! For 21!"

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