• 08.12.2006

    Dic 8 2006, 10:47 di _duif

    Last.fm is changing the way I listen to music. or actually, having a computer with much more disk space is changing the way I listen to music. I used to be a complete-albums-only man. I'm going to ponder on whether this is a good evolution or not.
    meanwhile, having read the new issue of Paris Transatlantic (at the moment I happen to be listening to some field recordings by Dan Warburton), I set out to stroll through the Weasel Walter discography a bit, and discovered I vehemently disliked most of the stuff I heard by The Flying Luttenbachers and other combos, and had no interest for the rest of it. funny I never clearly realized that. I hate impotent tech-wankery and punkish atmospheres. well, at least now I don't have to bother with them again.
    also, how overrated are Hototogisu? seriously. read any review and it's like the beginning of a new golden age of psychedelic music will unfold as soon as you hit that play bottom... but when you do it's just very boring noise-drone stuff that has been done to death. …