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  • Avatar di bloody72
    pozdrowienie z Gierałtowic
  • Avatar di makethemdieslow
    @-Lancman-: I have since read more about a lot of the reasons SS parted ways with Christian (inability to perform live), and my feelings about the new cleansman have turned to appreciation with further listenings. Would still love to hear Christian, but seeing them live might be preferable.
  • Avatar di UberAnanas
    listening to the chorus repeated at the end with 80+ volume is amazing.
  • Avatar di UberAnanas
    You fools, Christian and Lars are both epic vocalists. [2]
  • Avatar di ZadionApocalaya
    You fools, Christian and Lars are both epic vocalists.
  • Avatar di uykh
    OH YEAH xD
  • Avatar di -Lancman-
    makethemdieslow:the point is that Christian is more of a studio-singer and i highly doubt that he could sing HU songs...some of the vocals were even out of his natural range (this was mentioned in some interview with the band) while Lars can actually perform songs live without problems-he knows how far he can go with the vox and works with that.BTW: if they still had Christian they wouldn't tour at all or maybe just few days in a year.See-in Solution.45 he confirmed ONE live performance of the band (and it's been some time since For Aeons Past was released).And i actually prefer when i can see my fav. band live than just listen to the records. I respect your opinion, but some people are talkin' about him like he's untouchable,a vocal god....indeed he is....a studio god(and this goes from his fan!)
  • Avatar di Anna-wa
    Love this song :)[2] Might be my favorite from the album (so far).
  • Avatar di makethemdieslow
    Eh, I think your opinion sucks too, bucko! Might want to steer clear of superlatives as well... "best ever clean vocalist"? Alvestam wasn't always the Alvestam he is now (and was in Holographic Universe), but... he gets awesome and then is replaced with a sort of water-thin, slightly nasal clean vocalist? Disappoints me and my musical tastes.
  • Avatar di MMMMMorshu
    Last shout was the biggest bs I've seen in a while. Älvestam's clean singing sucked like hell before 2008(and still sucked in Quantumleaper) while Lerta is one of the best ever clean vocalists. That being said, loved this track because of the intro+chorus+awesome clean combo.

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