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  • Album of the year 2014 for me!
  • Love Michael Bogballe's vocals, but it felt like they were going for the Mnemic style of production without nearly enough guitar layers. I can work with clipping, but if it's not a wall of sound it just sounds bad.
  • love this band. Pros and Cons is my fucking jam. new album is neat tho, cool to hear Mike in a new band, i had the rare pleasure of seeing him front Mnemic on US soil.
  • Very solid new album, I like Michaels vocals! It grows on me with every play...
  • the album is meh? not excited about Mike in Scamp? parody of Mnemic? hahaha, people are getting dumber than I thought, this is what Scamp needs to be like. Mike is fucking angry and pissed in all songs. THIS SHITE HERE, MY GOOD FELLAS, IS THE ULTIMATE METAL ALBUM! Even more energetic than critically acclaimed Mechanical Spin Phenomena.
  • The new album is meh at best, i knew there was a reason i was not excited about Michael coming to the band. They really do not have that angry edge anymore. MFM was their best album, hands down. Michael i dont feel has any rhythm at all, i mean what the shit happened on Silent Inferno? he was literally just talking over music. Overall, i'd give the Deadcalm a 2.5/5. listenable, but 2 steps back from what they originally were.
  • Guys made good Mnemic parody album ''Deadcalm", Mirror Faced Mentality the best album i ever heard!!!
  • Scamp actually managed to make that album I had expected from Mnemic after The Audio Injected Soul. What a beast!
  • Epic! Michael is so pissed off in the last few songs, love it.

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