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I Satyricon sono un gruppo Black Metal nato e formatosi nel 1990 ad Oslo, in Norvegia grazie a Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) e Frost (Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad).
Il loro primo album, Dark Medieval Times (1993), è considerato il capostipite di un sottogenere del black metal, il medieval metal. L'album mostrava, infatti, come i componenti del gruppo fossero affascinati da tutto ciò che concerneva il medioevo. Anche la musica ne veniva…

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  • \m/( ҂◣_◢)\m/ ✠ Hail Satyr ✠
  • You have got to be kidding me? The Shadowthrone tops it and Mother North comes rather close to it.. "The Forest is My Throne" a.k.a. Satyricon's side of a split is a great work too.
  • their only good album is the first. but it's really good.
  • Satymor
  • IBlackened sure have a point here
  • Haha, nice to see the "shitty disco-rock'n'roll for teens black metal" shoutbox never changes. Also i heard that it's very wise to argue with trolls and retards.
  • @DrMosse, so people can't talk about classical music, because is too old for everyone here.
  • Hey all! Nodding Sky has just released a new song called "Hukka" - listen to it here: - and please give us feedback if you feel so!
  • @AinaeL is rebel extravaganza "shitty disco-rock'n'roll for teens"? kek

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