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  • Avatar di Beast-Robot
    Nice with headphones, so is this one,
  • Avatar di Plook
    Don't know what version Maiden or Samson i love the more, but anyway the question is stupid, both are marevellous
  • Avatar di crispolly
    Wow! The Ides of March! [2]
  • Avatar di DrEfficient
    2 versions of a cool song, no complaints here!
  • Avatar di sebadagostino
    Wow! The Ides of March!
  • Avatar di Killed-By-Death
    Blaze Bayley wasn't credited for his co-writing for Dream of Mirrors too...
  • Avatar di Fenrisulfrwolf7
    wasn't thunderstick with maiden before he left prior to 1980? most likely the tune stuck with maiden during their gigs before the ides of march on the killers album much later, then thunderstruck was written when he was part of samson.
  • Avatar di Rechta
    The song was written by Steve Harris (of Iron Maiden) and Thunderstick (of Iron Maiden and later Samson) before 1980. The question is why Thunderstick isn't credited on Killers' cover.
  • Avatar di ArmageddonMan
    No, I'd say that The ides of march is a copy of this theme... this song is a song of 1980, and TIOM is a song from year 1981... so...
  • Avatar di Rechta
    a bit similar to Iron Maiden's Ides of March ;] (on purpose)

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