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  • “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” –Hebrews 4:12
  • 我喜欢~~~
  • Broken Memories :) Uma das melhores deles!
  • Do you reckon they look at Jedward with envious eyes?
  • Vem gente!
  • É daquelas bandas que você não dá nada a primeira escutada, mas quando você menos percebe está ouvindo de novo e de novo. Me surpreendi.
  • - their potential Eurovision entry for Switzerland in Baku next year!
  • eu acho a música deles muito ruim :/ mas merecem sucesso *-*
  • new main pic please
  • karma karma ♥
  • Souled out is amazing ;)
  • i now have the rest is history album
  • karma karma cut the drama never satif-yi-yi-ed
  • i need the second album i have heard karma karma before and its realy good
  • Very old fashioned pop album. It's good I guess but not really my style
  • The Rest Is History <3
  • i love yous TRIH is amazing! love karma karma ♥
  • The new album is SO GOOD. Way better than expected. It has so many pop jems that put them up on the leagues of Alcazar and A-Teens.
  • Karma Karma is amazing!!! ♥ very swedish sound!!!
  • karma karma <3
  • New album - out February 7th. This Monday!
  • i LOVE karma karma hope you release it into a single :D xxx
  • Wolfsmagik Say EVERYTHING! What Makes Same Difference so good, is sounding like A*teens
  • All the songs in the album sampler are sounding great so far. My fave is Karma Karma, very remiscient of an A-Teens songs.
  • cant wait for the second album :) [3]
  • cant wait for the second album :)
  • Wincest
  • their collaboration with alcazar is going to be immense.
  • to incest or not to incest? who cares, this shit's dope.
  • and why is it that always the good stuff isn't available in Germany..;-(( desperately searching for the Album Pop...;-((((((((
  • INCEST [5] but sounds really amazing
  • Shine on forever is so much better than that horror that Alexandra Burke is number 1 with.
  • I'd love to know why people are so obsessed with the idea of Sean and Sarah shagging.
  • INCEST [3]
  • I love "I Need A House"
  • Watch Same Difference latest music video, Shine On Forever (Photo Frame), here:
  • (8)....Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)....(8)
  • NOT INCEST [3]
  • NOT INCEST [2]
  • INCEST [2]
  • sucks so hard
  • haha, I actually have this album. Never played it though. Maybe soon. I liked them on the X-Factor
  • I love the new look! So much better!
  • INCEST [2] but my friend made me listen to If You Can't Dance and omgloveit. :(
  • vote!!!!
  • I think their album is under-rated. It's just too god damn good!


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