• Concerts - 90s

    Giu 22 2007, 15:59 di fusaka

    April 22, 1991: Yes - Colisée, Québec
    August 18, 1991: Styx - Colisée, Québec
    November 28, 1991: Rush - Forum, Montréal
    November 29, 1991: Rush - Colisée, Québec
    March 23, 1992: Marillion - Salle Albert-Rousseau, Québec
    May 29, 1992: Genesis - Stade Olympique, Montréal
    August 5, 1992: Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Bonham - Agora du Vieux-Port, Québec
    September 23, 1992: Visible Wind - Le D'Auteuil, Québec
    October 11, 1992: Rik Emmett - Solide Rock, Québec
    October 16, 1992: Marillion - Solide Rock, Québec
    January 26, 1993: Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Salle Albert-Rousseau, Québec
    February 12, 1993: Asia - Solide Rock, Québec
    June 28, 1993: Peter Gabriel - Colisée, Québec
    September 15, 1993: echolyn - Le D'Auteuil, Québec
    November 3, 1993: Steve Hackett - Le D'Auteuil, Québec
    November 25, 1993: Visible Wind - Le D'Auteuil, Québec
    November 29, 1993: Saga - Salle Albert-Rousseau, Québec
    December 7, 1993: echolyn - Le D'Auteuil, Québec
  • Can I have your...

    Apr 28 2007, 15:57 di RocketShipX41

    Автограф – Автограф (1985)

    (AKA avtograf or maybe even Autograph)

    Since I’ve been working through my backlog of albums to review and rate in alphabetical order, I get some interesting juxtapositions. Like this one. I just finished off three albums by Association PC and now I move on to this Russian prog band. Aside from the fact that both are well outside the mainstream consciousness, they could hardly be further apart. I’m tempted to say Автограф was the Russian version of Saga. Actually, that pretty much sums it up. This is 80s prog through and through, with no real distinguishing features. It’s well written and well played, but doesn’t linger in your brain or make you think. The typical comparisons might also include Marillion, which is pretty fair, though in some ways this band is more accessible than Marillion. 8/15.
  • ASIA 行けませんでした...

    Apr 11 2007, 11:18 di mauve4rain

    ASIA 行けなかったからって2人でいろいろ検索




    SAGA "Wind Him Up" Live 2005



  • Saga confirmed for Subtacto Progfest 2007

    Mar 20 2007, 1:50 di Subtacto

    We are happy to announce that the Canadian legends and veterans in SAGA will headline the exciting lineup of Norways new progressive music festival this summer.

    SAGA celebrates the bands 30th anniversary this year. Their debut concert was on the 13th of june 1977.

    Their latest album from last year, "Trust", are being considered by many fans as a "return back to form" for the canadian legends.

    SAGA is very popular in Europe, and have always toured this continent extensively, getting a well deserved reputation as an outstanding live band.

    Earlier this year vocalist Michael Sadler announced his retirement from Saga, so the bands performance at the spectacular venue of Holmenkollen could be one of the last chances to see him perform with Saga.

    The band completes the already confirmed line-up of Threshold (UK), Pendragon (UK), A.C.T (S), Aunt Mary (N), Magic Pie (N), White Willow (N) and Wobbler (N).

    The Subtacto Progfest will be held at the world famous venue Holmenkollen in Oslo…
  • The Shape Of Things That Hum - The Vocoder

    Feb 27 2007, 23:43 di vveerrgg


    As used by: Kraftwork, Keith Emerson, Apollo 440, Klaus Schulze, Tomita, Labradford, Rick Wakeman, Roger Waters, Joe Zawinul, Tangerine Dream, Eat Static, Goldfrapp, Yes, Jimmy Edgar, Saga, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Wendy Carlos, Moog Cookbook, Devo, and filmaker/composer John Carpenter (as refered to on Vintage Synth)

    this video is not mine...rather as found on the google.
    all copyrights are the rights of the original owner
  • Spirit Awake (Viewtiful Joe 2nd opening)

    Feb 23 2007, 20:29 di Kosher-X

    Spirit Awake

    I got the sun, you're sunshine boy..

    Rock your body
    Shake your body
    Make sure you don't hit nobody

    Love somebody
    Find somebody
    Make sure you don't hate nobody

    yoi no keiji ga
    kiyome no Sage ga
    mezame no Age ga
    Think of that, Speak of that

    nama no Image ga
    ai no Rage ga
    kimi no Arrage ga
    Bunch of that, Tank of that

    Let me be the one who blossoms
    Like it's born to be a new form
    Live on concentration
    Try it, just try...

    Evebody is joking
    marude honpouteki ni ikoujanai
    Evebody is Gan Gan
    Oh such a funky a new day

    Sensation no ishou de
    odoru kandouteki naru yorujanai
    Endorphin mo Ban Ban
    Oh saichauwa kibun de

    Spirit has awaken
    kimi ga kakete iku
    If you feel the rhythm
    tobikomi no Season

    So come on
    ooku no Blue ga warau darou
    kanki no umi wo oyogou darou
    nami ga mitashiteku Melody
    Love song is the Spirit Awake

    I remember you with every single thanks for beigin like you
  • And You (Viewtiful Joe 1st ending)

    Feb 23 2007, 19:48 di Kosher-X

    And You

    You almost always
    Spend the best time to
    Figure money and ease
    And let yourself cry

    When the earth was still so plane
    koko no tadori tsuku
    aoto midori
    dokoni ikoukana
    makkura yami no naka
    hi wo tomoshi
    nemuru paradise incompleteness
    mezame no koro niwa
    kotorito utau
    asa no party of the sun

    There's a place to be
    Village surrounded by the wheat
    And within it
    Waitin' new story
    There's a place to see
    Mountain streched up to the sky
    On top of it
    God will always be

    You almost always
    Spend the best time to
    Figure money and ease
    And let yourself cry
  • Brighter Side (Viewtiful Joe 1st opening)

    Feb 23 2007, 19:42 di Kosher-X

    Brighter Side

    It's like
    one day you found a treasure in childhood
    tried sharing that pleasure but no one would listen
    It turned into the fragile heart
    So you tried to be a treasure of someone else
    But if there's no one to take you either way
    There's no reason to stay no need to be fake
    Towards somewhere else you're supposed to be
    Just make it a brand new day
    It's time to walk away

    I left a note on the door
    "Don't worry about me"
    Cause I won't come back until I see....
    Freely cast all your cares aside
    I think we'll see a brighter side
    Where all these sorrows start to shine
    Dreams can bring the things you need
    I'm sure it's really not so bad

    When I left my place to go face the world
    Everything seemed like a dream but now feels so cold
    There's no one around, certain things unfound
    When I feel like I'm hittin' the ground
    I lock my door inside so tight
    To believe I can make it right
    I know I can get through it all
  • The Seven - Interview

    Feb 23 2007, 9:16 di Dasr

    The Seven is the brainchild of musician, songwriter and producer Kevin A. Smith. The Seven's eclectic sound takes inspiration from many artists who step outside of the box. Like them, Kevin Smith takes delight in all music, pushing at the boundaries of what is perceived to be possible.

    Breaking away from the expected, The Seven take us on a wonderful musical journey. An exploration into Metal, Rock, Jazz, Classical music, and anything else that Kevin Smith finds inspiring. I recently talked to Kevin about The Seven's history, and the new album Unsatisfied, to be released mid-summer 2007.

    Please introduce yourself, and what CD is in your CD player right now?

    My name is Kevin A. Smith... 38 years old, married to my best friend Heather, father of Annabelle. In my CD player right now is the album Aerial View, by Gamalon, killer jazz-rock fusion that hit me like a brick in the head the first time I heard it in 1990. My buddy Christian sent me a promo cassette of the album and I popped…
  • 70. questions about music

    Gen 8 2007, 1:23 di G3nocide

    to my own shame, these 70. questions are stolen.
    from Tora_Bora
    but this concept is so good, i just had to copy it :)

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Dream Theater - The Glass Prison.

    2. What song makes you sad?
    hmm, Eric Clapton - when i saw you in heaven (or something like this). or Falco - Jeanny, Part II. both are from genres, i normally don't listen. but those two tracks are REALLY great!

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    only one? hmm, right now, i think the cover of "stand by me" by 2 Hip Hopper, which made a porn sounding song out of it. sheesh that drives me crazy!

    4. Your all time favourite band?
    lol? i don't switch my favourites bands like my underwear, so just to name "one all time"...
    i guess System of a Down (my first fav. band btw) or Liquid Tension Experiment

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    London Elektricity. Live played Drum n Bass. really nice stuff, although Nerve is still the better live dnb band ;)