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  • Avatar di Conquerist
    Rainbow - A Light In The Black [2]
  • Avatar di music_blogger
    Metallica - Fade To Black [2]
  • Avatar di Karaouq16
  • Avatar di JudgeShred
    Fantastic song
  • Avatar di DonMatt447
    They will not live to tell the tale
  • Avatar di xXPURExMETALXx
    I am not entirely impressed with the quality I’m receiving as of now. I don’t hear any vocals.
  • Avatar di ArcTheseus
  • Avatar di danielmedporp
  • Avatar di rotten_peaches
    I love this entire album!!!
  • Avatar di Rockingdragon
    Super Awesome!
  • Avatar di Maquina_Muerte
    all crammed into one song
  • Avatar di Maquina_Muerte
    Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat
  • Avatar di Maquina_Muerte
    Rainbow - A Light In The Black
  • Avatar di Maquina_Muerte
    Metallica - Fade To Black
  • Avatar di ZedTheMan
    Nice riff!
  • Avatar di octopuss22
    Yeah i thought the same when i heard this song for the first time, reminded me of A National Acrobat so much, even i thought it's a cover. Never mind i think that this is maybe the best (or at least among the best) from this great album.
  • Avatar di BeIieve
    Charging down the mountain! Frontal Assault !
  • Avatar di majes89
    riff like sabbra cadabra
  • Avatar di HillRunner12
    Worst on The Art of War. Only the part after 4:30 is worth listening.
  • Avatar di Kuroishi_x
    nice track ... but the only thing that I don't like are the riffs that I heard once (Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat) and this song isn't the only one with familiar riffs =D
  • Avatar di DEATHINFIREX
  • Avatar di BeIieve
    wasnt impressed with this song the 1st few listens, but it has grown on me
  • Avatar di Zorthe
    When the song is speeding up the riffs are very similiar to Rainbow's A Light in the Black
  • Avatar di dAziks
    Anyone else noticed that Sabaton have very similiar riffs with other songs? Makes me think at one point, that they`re stealing those riffs. In this song, riff @ 1:30 is very similiar to Metallicas Fade to Black
  • Avatar di HELLBOY1944
    Sabaton in Malbork -Poland YYYEEEAAAHHHH \m/
  • Avatar di freeman_47
    Sabaton in Rzeszow - Poland - HELL YEAH !!
  • Avatar di flying_viking
  • Avatar di R4b
    They will not tell the taaaaaaaaaaaaale!!!
  • Avatar di Raku92
    good track, riff similar to black sabbath's "a national acrobat"
  • Avatar di prosexionist
    They are fucking good and awesome !!
  • Avatar di agorapocalypse
  • Avatar di Skullsire
    Incredible Solo! @peteystibbs: Schade, dass du sie nicht magst. Eine großartige Band bleibt deinen Ohren verborgen!
  • Avatar di Voidhawk777
    Awesome dudes!!!!
  • Avatar di peteystibbs
    Eine Gruppe von assholes mit großen Haar, Müll
  • Avatar di Metalhead59
  • Avatar di shadimallak
    The refrain... bad ass!
  • Avatar di hammerstrikebg
  • Avatar di robert7
    Exceeder101 - Have you seen Sabaton play Unbreakable live????
  • Avatar di TallBoy91
    wow thats incredible
  • Avatar di johnmococa
    Bom pra caralho
  • Avatar di mcc1200
    fucking damn, I've always skipped this track, but its really great!
  • Avatar di Exceeder101
    awesome,also live!!!
  • Avatar di Jasemi
    wow,this is a very,very good voice......
  • Avatar di Robertus_lfm
  • Avatar di kickinthethroat
  • Avatar di krrrtrrrwrrrr
    YEAH! Love that rrrrrrrrrrrroling rrRRrr.
  • Avatar di Lumerus
    Das geht richtig los, manchmal genau die richtige Musik!
  • Avatar di lukegeilwalker
    Hammer..... Besser gehts nicht die besten grüsse aus Deutschland (Leverkusen)
  • Avatar di dotneter
    мухаха, порадовали :))
  • Avatar di Robertus_lfm
    Killer voice


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